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Text messages to a friend

Read a text conversation between two friends to practise and improve your reading skills. 

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and do the exercises.

Reading text

Hi Aziz! Are you there?


Hello? Hello?!?


Hi! I'm here! I'm here.


Good. smiley


What's up, Neira?


Would you like to meet for a coffee?


Yes! When?


I'm working now, but I finish work at five. Maybe at 5.15?


That's difficult for me. Can we meet 30 minutes later?


OK. Where?


The Blue Café is nice. I love the tea there. heart


It's closed on Mondays. Let's go to Rocket Boy. It's new.


Is it good?


It's very good!


Where is it? I don't know it.


It's next to the school. See you there?


See you there at 5.45!




Language level

Beginner: A1


I meet my friends when their birthdays have , and also my birthday. And usually we meet at donations and weddings of friends. But It not always . Only one or two times a year! When we meet , we cook and eat something at one friend home .We meet on the whole day from morning to evening. It was the happy times!
The last meet is six months ago. Now , we can't meet each other whatever because of Covid-19.
And, I sometimes met my partners on Saturday Evenings. They aren't my friends. But we have understanding and kindness each other. We usually went to restaurant and we talk about our job , and then went back to home before night.

I always go out with my friends Abed and Marwa to a nice Cafe in Saida, south Lebanon. But recently and due to COVID crisis we are looking for other options where we can feel safe.

I often met my friend in a cafe or sometimes when we've got no money we just met in one of our houses. We usually meet before 12.00 and finished at the night or sometimes we do sleepovers.

I have meet my friends online once a week, because of we didn't live in the same area.

I don’t hang out with friends so instead I’ll be talking about where me and my cousins go. So the place we usually meet is each other’s houses around 3 to 5’o clock. It’s always had been fun to see their faces, playing games together, walking to the café’s together.. It never bores me, and I really cannot be separated from them no matter what happens. The three of us were brothers in arms.

almost of the time we go to each other houses at any time

I like meet my friends at the Costa Coffee, really I love this place it is smooth and its coffee is very special and tasty
I usually like to meet my friends at round 10 on the morning.

Where do you meet your friends? What time do you usually meet?
I used to meet my friends at the bus stop near the university...We didn't have a favourite place, we used to go to some cafe or a fast food restaurant where we could order an ice cream, a smoothie, o some other drink with a snack. The time depended on the classes schedule, we used to get together when we were free. If we had to meet on the weekend, then that was usually in the afternoons after 5.00 p.m. to take a break and relax after having studied a while during the day.

I meet my friends after work sometimes in the mall or in the club.

we are meeting every day after seven o' clock in the cafe'