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Text messages to a friend

Read a text conversation between two friends to practise and improve your reading skills. 

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and do the exercises.

Reading text

Hi Aziz! Are you there?


Hello? Hello?!?


Hi! I'm here! I'm here.


Good. smiley


What's up, Neira?


Would you like to meet for a coffee?


Yes! When?


I'm working now, but I finish work at five. Maybe at 5.15?


That's difficult for me. Can we meet 30 minutes later?


OK. Where?


The Blue Café is nice. I love the tea there. heart


It's closed on Mondays. Let's go to Rocket Boy. It's new.


Is it good?


It's very good!


Where is it? I don't know it.


It's next to the school. See you there?


See you there at 5.45!




Language level

Beginner: A1


i meet with my friends at there home. we offenly meet at bazar and supermarket.

I like coffee. I sometimes meet with my friends on Monday or Tuesday or Thursday but always I meet with them on Friday. Always we order tea or coffee with cake or chocolate. we sat usually in the coffee which in hotel becouse it is quite, kind of ..

I usually meet my friends at a coffee shop or sushi bar.
We meet in the evening or on the weekend.

I usually meet my friends everyday in evening to go skate , but the ones that they don’t skate , we meet on a restaurants in the weekends to catch up the last news.

I usually meet my friends at the weekends. We frequently go away to stunning spots in Ireland to visit beautiful nature.

I meet my friends, every weekday after work. We meet in the main street at 5;30 p.m.
Sometimes we meet one hour later if someone has to do shopping or stay late at job.
We go to our favorite coffee, we usually take black tea and a slice of lemon cake.
We relax and enjoy our time together. This is how we keep our friendship for ages.

wow that is beautiful

My friends and I prefer pubs in the center with good food and craft beer. Time? Usually in the evening after work

I usually meet with my friends in the shopping mall, at seven p.m., after work.

i usually meet my friends at the weekend, normally on Sundays because i am very busy with my job on weekdays. we often gather at home and have a small party, make some favorite foods. we eat, drink and chat together. sometimes, in the evening, we go to the coffee shop for a change.