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A conference programme

Read the programme for a management conference to practise and improve your reading skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and do the exercises.

Reading text

Morning programme


Conference opening
Dr Jon Martinez


Management styles
with Helena Clark

Consider the different management styles and how you can adapt yours to suit your team.

Giving feedback
with Amelia Novak

Explore the different ways to give feedback to maximise development.

Managing change
with Akira Yoshida

Help your employees deal with change and to see the positives change can bring.

10.45–11.15 Coffee break

Using storytelling in leadership communication
with Antoine Martin

Sometimes, the best way to communicate with your team is by telling stories. Find out how to do this in this workshop.

Leading small businesses
with Cheng Wei

How is leading small businesses different and how can leaders of small businesses bring success to their team?

Leading in uncertain times
with Omar Abboud

Uncertainty can affect the success of your team. Learn to bring confidence to your team in a time of uncertainty.

Afternoon programme

12.30–2.00 Lunch

Managing international projects
with Alisa Petrov

Consider how to ensure successful intercultural communication in your international teams.


Developing creative thinking in your team
with Mariana Silva

How can you get your team to think more creatively? Explore the different ideas that can help your team see things in a new way.

Conflict management
with Tracy Edwards

Conflict can create problems in your team, but managing conflict well can bring about development. Learn how to manage conflict in this workshop.

3.15–4.15 Group discussions
4.15–5.00 Conference closing
Dr Grace Moloney




Language level

Intermediate: B1


Hello my great community,
I want to know how could i deal with any reading part includes too much details?
that's because when i turned to exercise, i fell like i couldn't remember all details.

Hello Abdo Ahmad,

Welcome to LearnEnglish!

It can be hard to remember a lot of details, can't it? However, with reading tasks you don't need to remember everything. With a reading text it's always OK to look back at the text. It's not like listening where you can only hear the text once or twice and can't go back to it. With reading texts you can look at the text as often as you wish, so you can read the question and then go back to the text. In fact, all you need to remember is the question you are trying to answer!



The LearnEnglish Team

I would attend conflict management, I think the conflicts are unavoidable in workplace so how to lead with it might be useful.

I would like to attend the Leading small businesses conference , seems very interesting and I like this field and see it very ambitious

I want to attend the development of creative thinking in teams, because now we have to be creative and innovative in new things, creativity is very expensive, we have to be able to make trivial things turn into creative ideas and it's not easy.

I would like to attend Cheng Wei's conference. Because I am a director in the industry office and 98 % of businesses in my country are small businesses

Using storytelling in leadership communication, beacause I noticed the good histories can inspire to the people to make positives changes in their lives so they can improve themselves and help to the company.

I think i would attend Developing creative thinking in your team because creative thinking is very important in the time

I'd like to attend the programme called "Leading in uncertain times" because I am always afraid of uncertainty. Before something bad happens, I hold every actions for the uncertain emotions. That is why I want to learn how to conquer my fear to bring success into my life.

I sometimes have that feeling, I think that the problem is we want everything under control, but obviously it isn´t in our hands. Let´s enjoy the present to make a better future.