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An invitation to a job interview

Read an email invitation to a job interview to practise and improve your reading skills. 

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and do the exercises.

Reading text

To: Grace Yang
Date: 6 September
Subject: Invitation to job interview

Dear Grace,

Thank you for your application for the position of sales manager.

We would like to invite you for an interview at 10 a.m. on Monday 21 September at our offices at The Shard, 32 London Bridge Street, London.

You will meet with our head of sales, Susan Park, and the interview will last for about 45 minutes. During this time, you will have the opportunity to find out more about the position and learn more about our company.

Please bring your CV and references to the interview. You will also need to show a form of ID at reception to receive a visitor's pass. Please ask for me as soon as you arrive.

If you have any questions or if you wish to reschedule, please call me on 555-1234 or email me by 12 September.

I look forward to meeting you.

Best regards,

Anna Green
Human Resources Assistant



Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


Now İ have been a part of new company. İts about gambling. İ had read lost of things about this company from the internet before my apllication. After that operation i was ready for the big interview.İ gave my ID to the reception then she gave a card to recieve human resources departman.

when i have an interview job, for first thing i read about the company, their history and all i can found about them. Then i try to receive information from someone who had done already a job interview for this company. The job interview's day i take care of myself, i wear a suit, i make anhair bun and i try to show me serious and professionable.

It's always good to prepare before an interview. Of course I usually try to do it, There are basic pattern of questions which are using while interview, it's good to learn them. I also try to find out more about the position and learn more about company. I sometimes must remind myself my own experience and abilities.

I will invite to an interview next week for the position of research manager. For this purpose, last week, It was asked for me that I send my CV. I should prepare to tell them my opinions and ideas about developing research activities.

I prepare for the fob interview by having my cv ready , having a good appearance by wearing a good suit , practicing to talk about myself in English .

I just had three interviews in my life by the same company so I didn't have any ideia of what is like before them. However, I have a cousin who works at the human resources departament and teached me a lot of things, lucky me. Therefore, I learned how to preparate my CV with the most details as possible, how to speak naturally in an interview and don't ever show anyone how shy I am or just nervous to be there. I arrived earlier in all of them, 15-30 minutes more or less and that make a real difference. You gotta find and show to the manager how much you are able for that, and more specifically, in which part you're different from the others.

Firstly, I renew my CV to be up to date. I check last responsibilities of my position and my finised projects on my CV. I am careful about my suit when I go to the interview. I go to at the office early at least 10 minutes ago. If the interview is second meeting, I can prepare a presentation about me because managers or directors of high level position appreciate visual explanation of CV.

First, When you have an interview job it recomendable to be there 10 minutes before, go dressed to formal way or according at the job, have information of the company, talk of correct way, carry on the requested documentation, that it’s actualized on posible.
Second, it’s needly know that this process often give nerves and anxiety, because we knowing that going to be observed and evaluated, but this is normal.
By last, we have that to know, that sometimes the companys make more that one interview at the same person. Making that it process are longe, often this depend of the company budget, of the company estructure, etc.

Good lucky for all & regards!

Firstly, I prepare myself by knowing about a position that maybe need for answer.

Hello! it is very important to be on time, it´s normal the feeling of nerve, but in the moment when one begin to talk and explain the reasons that why wants the job, this feeling pass and the conversation its is more nice.