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Choosing a conference venue

Read two adverts for corporate venues to practise and improve your reading skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and do the exercises.

Reading text

The International Centre

Whether you are looking for a conference venue or a place to have your meetings and your training days, the International Centre is the perfect modern space for your event.

Offering free Wi-Fi, secure parking and all-day refreshments, the International Centre has 120 meeting rooms and a theatre for up to 1,000 people.

Conveniently located in the city centre, the International Centre is close to the shops and only a ten-minute walk to the train station.

The Grand West

The Grand West is a country house surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful scenery, only a 30-minute drive from the airport.

With 76 hotel rooms, 12 meeting rooms and a conference room that takes up to 200 people, the Grand West offers free Wi-Fi and a whiteboard in every room.

You can also make use of the gardens of the Grand West for team-building events and outdoor activities. Our indoor swimming pool, gym and 18-hole golf course will ensure that your event is relaxing and enjoyable for everyone.



Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I think the most important facility is free wifi.This is because we must use some electronics which need wifi.
Furthermore convenient location is very important.Nearly station and restaurants make us more efficient definitely.

It depends on the event's character. If it a tensional conference with lots of information I think golf-club would be too much. Good refreshments, nice hotel room and small but smart relaxing program are enough. If you need to work hard it's good to be concentrated not loose.
In the other hand, if your company is doing well and all of you've worked hard to get this success, your board could organize you some interesting events on the countryside. Golf, fishing, barbecue or horseriding. It's a good way to cheer company's staff.

I think the most important facilities are a large place, free Wi-fi, secure parking and all-day refreshments. A large place for people to be confortable, free Wi-fi for presentations and etc, secure parking because people stay there for a lot hours, then it is important to have secure parking for store your cars and all-day refreshments for people don't need to leave the meeting to food or to drink.

I think that the environment where electronic devices can be used properly is the most important. Free WiFi is very convenient. Besides, it would be nice if I could charge my PC.
I also hope that the venue can be easily reached by bus or train and I'd like to have a light meal there.

Most important for me in the conference or meeting is to provide well WiFi service, refreshment, a large parking place and so on. In a word i think the meeting room should be a well decorate to finish properly, smoothly & comfortably. Think that its good not only for me but also everyone.

the more facilities we have the more effective will be our work, so free wifi certainly is necessary, but all the time using electronic devices makes you get tired and gym, entertainments are also useful for relaxing at such times, because good rest makes our work more productive.

It's very important for me to have facilities that makes it fun to go to work. I can do my best. Furthermore, a place to relax is very important place for people. Good point s of convenient transportation. Place where beautiful scenery is good for people because when they are nervous and tired they can relax. Wi-Fi is essential in the present age. Sometimes I can't work without Wi-Fi Because I use my computer. For example, I give a presentation using a computer. In this way I can work efficiently by having a good facility.

It is most important to have an environment where attendees can concentrate on the meeting. Because the meeting is a place to exchange opinions with each other, and it will not be possible without attendees’ concentration. soundproof environment and indoor temperature control are considered important to do it. If there is construction around the building, noise will disturb the concentration of attendees, and if it is too hot in the summer, attendees won’t be able to think well, so air conditioning is essential. With regards to the Wi-Fi environment, it may be possible to substitute the materials prepared in advance for the attendees, so whether Wi-fi is necessary or not will depend on the content of the meeting.

I think Free wifi is the most imprtant facilities for me. Because most people use computer and cellphone while meetings. When I perform presentation, I want to show some picture and Youtube. So if I can't use internet, I can't perform my presentation smoothly.

I think most important facilities for me are large screen, projector, system, PC and free Wi-Fi. Because if there are no these things, we can't have a meeting. I think we need a large screen and projector to explain something at the meeting.
And without sound system, everyone could not hear in a large conference or meeting room.
I also free Wi-Fi is important. Because if there is no free Wi-Fi, we can't use PC. If we can't use PC, we can't have a meeting.
For these reasons, I think these things are most important facilities for me to have a conference or meeting.