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Talking about where you're from

In this video, Emir and Vanya learn more about each other. Listen to the language they use for talking about where they're from and practise saying the useful phrases.

Do the preparation exercise first. Then watch the video and do the exercises to check your understanding and practise the language.



Language level

Beginner: A1


I'm from India. Do you know about India?India is the country of different states belonging to the different cultures yet we have a unity in diversity.... That's the sign of our civic sense.

I am from Myanmar. Do you know my country? But I think you have already known Daw Aung San Su Kyi called the lady, the novel prize owner. She is state counsellor of my country. After that She is very famous and smart. People who live all over the world have known my country, Myanmar because of her. My country has many beautiful places and world heritage marked Pagoda in Bagan. You can see the traditional cultures and heritage long time ago. My country holds seasonal festivals every year. So, if you have time after the pandemic period, you should come to my country. People in my country are very friendly and helpful. Welcome to my country everyone.

Dear Moon Wathan,
I love Asia. I have never been in your country but I hope once I can go to there. I love your culture. I saw some pictures about Myanmar and there were amazing.
By the way I am from Hungary. Have you ever been there? :)

I'm from Myanmar.It's developing country and there are many ethnic groups.Also, we hold seasonal festivals every years and there are many pagodas especially in Bagan which is an tourist attraction here.

I'm from Colombia specifically from Cucuta, a small city located on the border with Venezuela, it is a very hot city, and there is nothing a lot interesting to do here but is rounded for beautifuls and cold towns and countrysides.

I was born in Mogok that is wonderful and Jewell. I would like to inviite you to come.\

I am from Goa, India. I was born and brought up in Goa. Goa is India's most famous tourist destination. It is famous for it beautiful beaches, churches and festivals. The people here in Goa are very friendly and cheerful. I love the weather here, its neither hot nor cold throughout the year.

I'm from Brazil, Bahia to be exact. It's a very happy place, thera are parties almost all month of the years.

I am from Colombia. I was born in Santa Marta but now I live in Cartagena.
Both cities are really wonderful and they have many intereting places to visit.

I'm from Egypt. It's a big country and has ancient temples and places.