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C1 advanced: Pros and cons of mobile phones

Gemma is sick of being ignored while Sam is on his phone. In this video they discuss the pros and cons of being constantly connected. What will they decide to do? 

Do the preparation exercise first. Then watch the video and follow the instructions to practise your speaking.

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Advanced: C1


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I use my mobile phone a little bit when I'm sharing my time with friends, some time I even watch it, for me It's a kind of disrespect to them.

Pros: You can comunicate with someone at any time, You can entertain you, You can do a lot of activities with it because of the apps, you can send emails.

Cons: Everybody that has your mobile phone number can comunicate with you at any time, you can get distracted very easy, you can wast time when you want to do productive activities.

Mobile phone has become a part and parcel of our lives. We are getting connected to the world artificially but losing our precious time to live in real world. It helps you in building social contacts, provide you with lots of information and on contrary you are kept engaged with unnecessary information, distraction and chronic radiation. Nowadays children are becoming prey to mobiles as they can interact at their level very easily and gets attracted to them often. It has been very difficult for parents to get them distracted from using mobiles.
I would conclude every knife has two edges (like Pros and Cons), how we use it is what really matters.

Honestly, I rarely use my phone during the day because I study at school and when I come home, I do my homework and go through my lessons to be ready the next day. So I don’t use my phone when I’m with my friends because I think it’s rude, disrespectful to my friends. We have to enjoy life with our friends because friends are more important than a phone, because if you lose a friend, it will be difficult to find another friend, whereas if your phone breaks down one day, you can buy another phone but it won’t change your life even if in today’s society it’s important to have one. It is a very good working tool.

I don't use my mobile while sitting with friends. What about advantages of a phone there are planty of them here. One them is that I am always conected and enother one is that a phone gives you access to massive amount of infomation wherever I go. Mobile phones are brilliant technology.

Hello there,
I don’t think I would say I’m a phone-addict, indeed I don’t overuse it; I strongly value real life, so I try to live every second of it to the fullest.
I believe using your phone while you’re with your friends is okay if you really need to at that moment, but, generally, it’s very rude towards the person who is with you, because it might seem as though you don’t really want to be with her, unless she’s on her phone too.
Of course, mobile phones have their pros: they enable you to keep in contact with long distance friends or relatives, but also to communicate quickly with whoever you want; they do, in the blink of an eye, what letters and other forms of communication did in the past, but a lot more efficiently. They are one of the best inventions of the 19th century, considering their technological evolution until today.
At the same time they potentially have cons, in fact, if we’re too addicted to them, they could divert us from real life.
In conclusion, I suppose that it’s important to use your phone with moderation, prioritising reality.

How could I improve English speaking by myself? It's difficult to find native English speakers -or speaking partner- in my country.

God bless you Mr.Kirk and Mr.Peter you've helped us so much.

Hello Marwa.Mohamed,

Obviously, it's helpful to have someone to practise speaking with, but you can improve by yourself. You can find our advice on improving speaking on our Frequently Asked Questions page, which also has other advice you might find helpful.



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