A thank-you email

A thank-you email

Learn how to write a thank-you email.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and tips and do the exercises.

Reading text


  1. Start with Hi if it is an informal email to someone you know.
  2. The email can have three main paragraphs:
    • the reason for writing (= to say thank you)
    • the main point (= more details or examples)
    • a wish or offer for the future.
  3. Use emojis (e.g. smiley) or emoticons (e.g. :) ) to show you're joking.
  4. You can say See you soon / See you next year if you hope to meet again.
  5. Use a closing phrase like Keep in touch, Write soon, Speak soon or Take care.

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Submitted by tania.fungambuto on Wed, 03/11/2021 - 17:22


I would like to be a host of an family in another country. It could be an wonderful experience to make new friends, learn about the different culture and food. As well it would be a way of improve my English skills.

Submitted by Bena - Mustafa on Mon, 01/11/2021 - 23:02


Yes I would , Anyone here a adopt me🤣 (host) , Because i want to improve my conversation skills to communicate with people.

Oh, honey. I can relate. I wanna speak with people perfect. It is interesting to write in the same way as in your native language

Submitted by linhchinbk on Sun, 31/10/2021 - 13:24


Yes. If I live alone in a new city, I feel quite lonely. So I think that stay with a host family is a good choice. I have an oppotunity to learn more from them, such as their cultures, history and so on. In addtion, I can improve my English
a lot. It's so nice.

Submitted by Suraj paliwal on Fri, 29/10/2021 - 09:57


I would like to stay with a new family. This will give you amazing experience. Chance to learn a new language with a new family. I'm very happy to do that. In this time I'm learning English so I go and live in abroad.

Submitted by LamVanPhuong on Sun, 24/10/2021 - 12:43


i think it's amazing but i hope they won't mind about that

Submitted by Abdurrahim on Sat, 02/10/2021 - 12:55


I think this is a complicated issue and it is related to a different situation. For example, staying in a host family can be a new opportunity to learn a new language. But sometimes it can be an unpleasant experience, a new family may not be convincing for you, or family rules may be difficult for you. Therefore, you should think carefully when deciding to stay in the host family.

Submitted by avenesra on Sat, 14/08/2021 - 06:31

I’d like to stay with a host family, as for me it’s an overjoyed experience and they can help me with practice my English! They can also show me the city where I am staying. I can look at and learn how other families live nowadays.

Submitted by DW on Fri, 18/06/2021 - 02:35

If just stay with a host family for a short while, maybe one week, it is fine for me. But if need to stay for a long time, let say over one month, I think I will just feel a bit uncomfortable, since I will think that I just like an outsider. But I do dream for a working holiday! If I can go to a foreign country for one year, I hope I can share an apartment with several people from difference countries. I prefer living in a dormitory rather than a host family.

Submitted by Munirah Saad 20 on Tue, 01/06/2021 - 19:36

NO I wouldn't I can not feel comfortable and safe in someone's house