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A personal profile

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My profile

About me

By day I'm a regular guy and by night a superhero … How tiring is that?!

Just joking! I'm a regular guy all the time, good job, close to my family, just bought my own flat with a cat. Actually, my cat thinks I'm a hero because I saved her from the street. I'm a talkative person and I believe communication is the most important thing in a relationship.

Likes and dislikes

I love pizza if it's Italian, wine if it's white, and football if it's the World Cup. I read a lot, especially true life stories, but most of my books live on my phone.


I love to travel and I'm always planning my next trip. I prefer an active holiday like hiking, skiing or watersports and I get bored lying on the beach. I post lots of photos on Instagram as I'm a good photographer but I'd really love to share the holiday with someone. Maybe you'll take the photos on the next trip. wink


1. Write about your good points, not your bad points.

2. Don’t include every single thing. Choose a few points and focus on them.

3. Don’t add your contact details (e.g. address, phone number). You could get unwanted messages.

4. Check your spelling and punctuation before you post.

5. You can use punctuation and emojis when you’re joking, e.g. ?! and wink.

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Submitted by alaamatter on Tue, 27/02/2024 - 15:41


About me :

I am Alaa but my friends call me luly . i am 21 years old i am Egyptian but i study in Turkey 

I live in Istanbul it is so nice city but i like Cairo more . i study software engineering . i am calm and friendly person.

my family is my priority . 


likes and dislikes : 

i like cooking , making videos , business , coding , traveling and fashion .

i dislike sadness , wars , horror movies and negativity .


hobbies :

i like taking videos and pictures to make reels and videos

i like to cook new food and my food taste so good 

i was drawing so good but now not that much 

i trying to make my own business to  reach the financial independence 

i like to learn new languages 

Submitted by FromJapan on Sat, 24/02/2024 - 13:23


My profile

About Me

I am in a third year of university and major in economics, but I do not have much interest in it. 🤣

Recently, I make it part of my daily routine to read a few pages from a book, study Spanish in Duolingo, and study English in some way like this.

Likes and dislikes

I love sweet things, such as chocolate, Japanese sweets, pancakes and so on. I hate bugs. That's why I really want to live in a high floor in the future. 


I love to travel. After I entered university, I visited so many places in Japan (e.g. Sapporo, Sendai, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima...). Also, I love playing sports, especially tennis. I'm in a tennis group at my university, and in some weeks, I play tennis almost every day.

Submitted by anhteeny96 on Sat, 17/02/2024 - 02:25


About me
Hi everyone. I'm Anh Nguyen, but you can call me Ashley. I come from a big city in Vietnam. My friends told me that I am a good person. I believe kindness is the best way to connect with other people.

Likes and dislikes
I like listening to music, especially Taylor Swift's music. I also read a lot, mostly business books, but most of my books live on my Kindle.

I love to learn foreign languages. I usually spend 2 hours a day learning a new language. I can have a deeper understanding of those nations' cultures by studying their languages.

Submitted by your7889 on Fri, 16/02/2024 - 17:22


hello everyone
About me
Oliver from taxes, living life with an open heart. Believer of hardcore science, kind of into scientific things.

likes and dislikes
I like to read a lot on different topics, football is my favourite sport, and I like to play football in college-level competitions.

Like to work smart and hard, like to lear different things.

Submitted by Matheus Quinco… on Wed, 14/02/2024 - 16:20


Hello everybody, my name is Matheus, im 21 years old.
I living im Brazil with my sister, brother in law and my nephew.
I want so much to do a exchange on europa, beecause i love theres place, is so much beautifull.
I play ukulele everiday, but im not domain there thing yet kkkkkk.
Ussualy i run on the street, because i think its very important take care of health.
This is me, a person searching to learn.

Profile picture for user Chinzoob

Submitted by Chinzoob on Wed, 14/02/2024 - 02:42


About me
Hello everyone my name's Chinzorig. You can call me Chinzoo. I'm PE teacher and basketball coach. I live in Ulaanbaatar city.
I like watch a mongolian basketball league. I learning english last 6 months.

Submitted by ddddsky on Thu, 25/01/2024 - 03:50


"Are dating apps a good way to meet people?"
umm, I think it depends on the person. I see a lot of people get scammed by people they meet on dating apps. But, I also see some people find good friendships or even their soulmates through dating apps. I think, if you use it wisely and always be careful, it will help you find a good person for you.

Submitted by LUCIE LE on Tue, 23/01/2024 - 08:25


About me
Hi everyone, my real name is Giang and my English name is Lucie so you can call me both of them. I live in a big city in my country (Vietnam), it’s so noisy, crowded, mordent, beautiful, fashion and seemly it’s never sleep in the night because it has covered by light and beer club serve through night. I friendly, helpful, I have a good job, have a lots of friend but my best friend just 2 person.
Likes and dislikes
I like traveling, cooking, learning new things and watching discovery programs, especially the ocean, animal, plant. I don’t like watching movies because it makes me spend lot of times.

I often do excise with my friend in the park at the weekend, cook diner and sometimes I will go to shopping with my friend or my colleagues.

Submitted by Jes9s on Wed, 10/01/2024 - 23:06


About me
I'm a quiet person all the time, close to my family specially my mother and my little sister, just graduate. I believe in positive energy is contagious.
Likes and dislikes
I like solving math and physic problems. I read about self developed, positive thinking, and healthy life style.
I love watching movies every single day, cleaning, cooking from different culture like Italian and Syrian food. I'm interested about interior design, organizer colors. I love baking cake and decorate it. We can say I'm a unique artist in my mind (':.

Submitted by Asl1 on Sun, 07/01/2024 - 05:37


About me
I'm a quiet person I have a few friends but I love to talk and know new people always, perfect specially, close to my family, just bought my cat
Before a month,l believe everyone will take what worked for it.
Like and dislike
I like to read in many sections like universe, human body, and animal, and I often learn and read about the different cultures, some time l writing
I love reading every day, I feel interested when l cook a new plat, I learning the German language for some time I feel it has strange pronunciation but I love it, Italy is a fascinating city and I want to visit it someday