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My profile

About me

By day I'm a regular guy and by night a superhero … How tiring is that?!

Just joking! I'm a regular guy all the time, good job, close to my family, just bought my own flat with a cat. Actually, my cat thinks I'm a hero because I saved her from the street. I'm a talkative person and I believe communication is the most important thing in a relationship.

Likes and dislikes

I love pizza if it's Italian, wine if it's white, and football if it's the World Cup. I read a lot, especially true life stories, but most of my books live on my phone.


I love to travel and I'm always planning my next trip. I prefer an active holiday like hiking, skiing or watersports and I get bored lying on the beach. I post lots of photos on Instagram as I'm a good photographer but I'd really love to share the holiday with someone. Maybe you'll take the photos on the next trip. wink


1. Write about your good points, not your bad points.

2. Don’t include every single thing. Choose a few points and focus on them.

3. Don’t add your contact details (e.g. address, phone number). You could get unwanted messages.

4. Check your spelling and punctuation before you post.

5. You can use punctuation and emojis when you’re joking, e.g. ?! and wink.


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Submitted by victguevara on Thu, 13/04/2023 - 02:23


In my opinion, I think dating apps are not the best to meet new people because sometimes people don't say the truth about themself and this could break the expectation that anybody could have with respect the others. :(

Submitted by Gololya on Sat, 08/04/2023 - 10:26


My profile I'm very socisble girl, who have a lot of friends, but I am not as close to my family as i'd like.
My dream it's take a good work in london when i'll grow up and have a lot of travelling. For now I'm a student 
Likes and dislikes I in love with sport and active life.I prefer healthy food for support my health and body. In the evening i always read a good book, mostly mystery novel.
Hobbies I have no hobby of my own. I am creativ and multilateral. But Tabata and writting poems are my favorite!

Submitted by GootMaria on Thu, 06/04/2023 - 13:57


Hello, my name is Masha, I'm from Ukraine. I'm a mother on maternity leave. My son Myroslav is almost 4 years old. I study to become a frontend-developer, but I also need to increase my English level. I like this site for practicing my skills in English. I don't read books, because I haven't enough time for this. I prefer going for a walk with my friend and our children. In my free time, I like to study English.

Submitted by mina_hanem on Fri, 31/03/2023 - 15:03


My profile
About me
I'm a regular girl, close to my family. I'm talkative but don’t like to make so many friends around as I don’t have much free time on my hand or maybe I'm an introverted person. ;)
Likes and dislikes
I'm pretty keen on studying especially in the science field. Also, I am obsessed with reading romance novels as much as psychology books, but most of my books live on my phone. Poems from different Persian poets are my favorite too so I have many poetry books in my library.
I can't stand wasting time during the day, therefore I try to fill my free time by reading books or listening to audiobooks. In this way, I think I'm productive 100% of the time.
Surfing the internet for discovering new information on various subjects is a way for relaxing my mind.

Submitted by danielmagmacedo on Thu, 23/03/2023 - 22:57


The way I see it is that dating apps are not the best way to meet people. I think that a relationship constructed in social media get more exposed to problems. But of course there are exceptions!

Submitted by Abrarhussain on Mon, 06/03/2023 - 23:06


Yes, dating apps are a good way to meet people.

Profile picture for user marwa hussin

Submitted by marwa hussin on Mon, 06/03/2023 - 21:48


About dating apps, for my previous experience it was ending really bad so i'm not a huge fan of using those apps

Profile picture for user marwa hussin

Submitted by marwa hussin on Mon, 06/03/2023 - 21:43


hi i'm Marwa, from Egypt, i'm a close person to my family and love my friends, i'm introvert person but i'm good listening, so i think i'm not that bad with communication with people :), i like food and trying new things,i'm not a sorting person but i go to gym and do yoga, it is my favorite.
about my hobbies i like reading books like novels short stories..

Submitted by FOKE on Wed, 01/03/2023 - 05:43


Hello everyone,
My name is Thulfiqar I know it's hard to spell But you can call me FOKE I'm in this website for approximately 1 month, and I have worked in two different fields social media coordinator and supermarket chaser, I'm so glad to be a member in this platform because there is a lot of different cultures here, il be happy if someone replies on my comment, At the end i wish best luck for all learners.