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So cool to read about everyone's home tradition they miss the most! I'm from England but I've been living in the States for five years and the thing I miss the most is Bonfire Night on November 5th.

The best thing about Bonfire Night is the fireworks, oh, and the bonfires! … and the history behind it. Basically, Guy Fawkes and his friends tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament and kill King James I. They nearly did it too – they hired a room under the House of Parliament and filled it with explosives. But someone told the royal palace. The authorities found Guy Fawkes in the room guarding the explosives, and he was sentenced to torture and death.

So it's a tradition that celebrates the fact that the king survived. It also means people don't forget what happens if you plot against your country. There's a kind of poem about it that starts 'Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot.' That's why we build a 'guy' – a life-size model of Guy Fawkes – and burn it on the bonfire. Pretty dark and horrible when you think about it!


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    So cool to read about everyone's home tradition ...
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Submitted by William.Fordanovich on Tue, 15/02/2022 - 19:41


It's very interesting to read tales about different traditions and celebrations from various countries. I live in Ukraine. In my country we also have a tradition to celebrate a Knowledge Day. Study year begins this day. Parents take their childrens to school and students begin to study at universities. This day all pupils meet at open area near school. Prior to this day, pupils of high school, which begin a graduate year of studying, prepare some celebration events. Usually it begins with speech with greetings to a newly arrived pupils of a first year of studying. Pupils of graduate class tell to pupils from first class that they begin new part of life, that contain many interesting and glad moments. It part of life also contain more self-dependence and responsibilty. That they will meet many new people and some of them will become friends. That this life contain more work, and that it would not always be easy. Then pupils from graduate year make some wishes to pupils from first year of studying for their next school years. Then celebration may consist of some music, theatral, dance, comedy or something else performances. And then first year pupils are taken to their first classrooms by graduate pupils.

Submitted by Khandaa_14 on Sun, 13/02/2022 - 15:25


hi guys. It is lovely to read about lots of different traditions. I am from Mongolia which is bordered by Russia to the north and China to the south, I want to tell you my nation's tradition. Personally, the best tradition is the lunar new year Mongolian's called Цагаан сар. On this occasion, most people meet their family and give a gift to each other. Otherwise, they are also invited who honored they are. It is all about wishing such great things in the new year, family who loves they are. It was the most valuable holiday I know.

Submitted by Andy_Palma03 on Wed, 09/02/2022 - 20:39


Hi everyone, my name is Andy and I'm from Mexico and we have different traditions in my country, but the most popular is called "Day of the Death ", which is celebrated on November 1st and November 2nd, this tradition is not celebrated by all the people, but it does in order to remember the ones that are not here with us anymore. people use to prepare a kind of offering, which consists of "Pan de muerto" ( Dead bread) and other kinds of meals that these people liked and people go to the cemetery to place that small offering and remember them. and also on the TV, a parade is broadcasted where there are many people dressed in typical clothes according to the celebration, with colorful attire and there are typical sweets which we call "calaveritas de azucar" and also there is "Pan de Muerto".

Submitted by Mookpilaiwan on Sat, 05/02/2022 - 14:26


Hi, I'm Mook from Thailand. It is nice to see everyone share about their country's tradition. In my country, there are a lot of traditions, especially about religion. One of my favorites is the Songkran festival which is held in April, the hottest month of the year. We have more fun because we get to pour water to each other it looks like a water war and everyone was having fun together. However, after the pandemic, the tradition is paused for 3 years now. I hope everything gets better and we can enjoy our festival.

Submitted by Ahmed Yousuf Hassan on Thu, 03/02/2022 - 11:31


Hi everyone, my name is Ahmed, and I am came from the Republic of Somaliland(The early North Regions of Somalia). I am here to tell you about the most interesting tradition about my country, Somaliland. Every Eid festival or 10th of Arafo month we have two celebrities called "Eidul- Fitri and Eidul-Ad-ha" . We start our Eidul-Fitri by eating three fruit dates in the early morning and having breakfast after fulfilling the Eid prayer as a group. The other Eidul-Ad-ha day, we don't eat anything until meeting in one of the stadiums of our country to pray Eid prayer as a group. Most of our families slaughter a sheep or goat at the end of their celebrities. These two days I have aforementioned, every one of us congratulates to the people he or she meets even if they do not know each other.

Submitted by Leticia.bo on Sun, 16/01/2022 - 18:16


It's so interesting to read your local tradition. I'm from Spain and I live in Madrid. Here in Madrid every year some people celebrate the New Year's Eve in a well- known public place called "Puerta del Sol" to take twelve grapes while the bells ring. That's really exciting!!

Profile picture for user danisep

Submitted by danisep on Sat, 15/01/2022 - 15:28


Hi everybody, I'm Daniel from Colombia, I was reading about your local traditions and I was amazed by them like the orange blossom carnival in Adana turkey and vendimia in Mendoza Argentina, here in Colombia there are some carnivals mostly of them in January I remember the carnival of Negros y Blancos this one is celebrated in pasto city and is related with the rebellion of slaves.

I'm from Colombia too and that's right. I live in Barranquilla city and we celebrate carnival of Barranquilla. If I don't wrong, is the secondly carnival biggest in the world.
Isn't important to me, I don't like so much parties, so is the same for me. I hope this year could cancel the parties.

Submitted by Gizmoist on Wed, 05/01/2022 - 18:04


Hello everyone,
I am from Turkey, I would like to tell you a festival which is held in my hometown- Adana. Adana is one of the biggest cities in Turkey and it is located in the southern of Turkey.
Adana has an annual carnival called "Orange Blossom Carnival". In April, everywhere in Adana (streets, parks, gardens ) smells so "orange" :) . Because , there are plenty of orange trees in Adana.
During the carnival many concerts, street performances, local artists, shows with vibrant colours (especially orange colour) are held all around the city. There are many attractions to celebrate this period of time.
We celebrate basically orange blossoms which cover the orange tree and also we celebrate nature power. In addition to this, orange fruit is a key good to export and takes a main role in Adana's economic life.

Submitted by PeterG on Wed, 05/01/2022 - 15:21


Hi guys! I´m Pedro from Argentina. It was pretty interesting to read about your country's traditions. I would like to visit each one someday. However, I didn´t see anyone from my country, so let me tell you about the traditions here. First of all, it´s important to say that Argentina has an immigrant background (actually on 4th September, here it celebrate the Immigrants day in honor to the immigrant population that lives in the country), so most traditions here are from abroad, but there are some nationals. In addition, each province has a particular celebration or tradition. For instance, Mendoza has the "Vendimia" celebration, where people dance on grapes to make a traditional wine. In the north, more specifically, in Chaco (the province where I live) we have "the cotton party", which consists of a big celebration where people dance and do different activities related to one of the main crops of our province. I must admit that my favorite is the Vendimia celebration or some other that are international festivals because they are amazing and my favorite singers always take part. Regards!

Submitted by YMO on Wed, 05/01/2022 - 09:37


Hi from Myanmar. A lot of traditional festivals are held in my country. But, let me introduce the most popular one I think. It's called a water festival. Maybe you are thinking that you all people are watering each other. Yes, it's true. We are watering each other, however, there is a deeper meaning behind that. We normally hold the festival in April. According to the Myanmar 100th year Calendar, it's the first month of the whole year. We water each other for cleaning the negativity of the previous year. It's ecstatic to welcome the new year.

Submitted by m_sadeghi98 on Tue, 28/12/2021 - 05:57


HI. I'm from Iran. it was interesting for me to read about other people traditions. there is a tradition in Iran in a specific day (13th of first month in Persian calendar) in spring that everyone must go to nature and go camping.

Submitted by andympk on Mon, 20/12/2021 - 08:38


Hello, my name is Andy. I am from Hong Kong. We celebrate Lunar New Year at the beginning of a new year on the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. The first 3 days of Chinese New Year are public holiday. A reunion dinner is held on New Year’s Eve. Family members gather together for celebration. Traditional food such as Melon seed, Niangao, Turnip cakes are prepared. Red envelopes are passed out during Lunar New Year from married couples to unmarried juniors and children. It is custom for people to have good fortune by giving and accepting the red envelop. Fireworks display is held on the second day of Lunar New Year above the sky of Victoria Harbour in the evening.

Submitted by Shweyee on Sun, 19/12/2021 - 04:59


Hello my name is Shweyee. I'm from Myanmar ( Burma ). We have so many Traditions every states. The biggest one is Thingyun festival ( water festival ) celebrates in the middle of April. On top of that it is Myanmar's New Year to spend time with family and friends and to do some donations. We celebrate this festival for 4 to 5 days. We thrown up the water to each others. It's fun. The children enjoy the water festival and play with water all day long.

Submitted by 100COMENTARIOS on Thu, 16/12/2021 - 20:20


Hello guys my name is Ismael and I'm from Brazil. Brazil is a big country and There is a lot tradition from north to south, to give some example in the north of country there is a tradition that involves two guys bull costumed, one peolple costumed with yellow bull fantasy and other red bull fantasy, so this guys go parading and dancing. The objectiv that tradition is win the parade. This tradition is very important to the participants, the city stop to see.

Submitted by Augustin Dagbetin on Mon, 13/12/2021 - 20:56


quite thrilled to read about some traditions you posted guys. I'm Augustin from Benin, a country with plenty of traditions I'm keen on. My best one is the church service on December 31 at night.
Every December 31, it's custom for almost all Beninese to attend the New Year's Eve from 10 PM to midnight. Everyone, regardless the religion wants to get in the new year in the presence of God. It stands to reason that churches in Benin on that particular day are full of people. At midnight, the new year is up. It is about time to give shouts of joy, share wishes for the new year, shake hands, give hugs etc. It's worth attending church in Benin on December 31 at night.

Hi augustin, I read your post and the traditions you were talking seems to me really interesting. In my town there's also a great one. How about I tell you?
In summer, during a week we celebrate a tradition which is called 'The party of Moors and christians. There are four bands which are the countrymen, pirates, moors and seamen. In the first day, we only meet at the night to dinner in our troupe's hall. Then, the next one, in the afternoon at the townhall square there's a performance where a moor and a christian 'fight back' to conquer Spain. Furthermore, on wednesday and Thursday people head out to parade and show off their costumes to the audience. Finally, on Friday, everybody parades as well but a few people such as children ride their troupe's float and ends this traditional party.
Wanna join me at the next party!?

Submitted by ulianalade on Wed, 08/12/2021 - 18:19


Hello everyone! It’s lovely to read about all your traditions guys! I am very surprised about some of them! Let me tell you about the traditions in my country. I am from Belarus. We have a plenty of traditions but the one I am really into is Maslenitsa. It is being celebrated at the end of the winter to welcome the spring. Every family cooking the pancakes and eat as many as they can so that the chance that winter would go away and spring take its place is higher. I adore this event as every family member is at the one table, enjoying the event and smiling. Through the fast pace of life sometimes we forget to appreciate each other and to say how much we love each other. have a nice day)

Submitted by fchuchucam on Tue, 07/12/2021 - 20:35


So cool to read about everyone's home tradition they miss the most! I'm from Ecuador. We celebrate the happiest festival of my country called Carnival. This festival take place in February. Every person join with your family or friends and play with water and colored foams. Also we eat traditional dishes and a lot of jams. Carnival lasts three days and we have fun time.

Submitted by Wutiprasert Sujin on Sun, 05/12/2021 - 12:28


So nice to read you guys stories. I am Thai from Thailand. I love Songkran festival, Thai new year. We splash water to people, known and unknown people are ok both. Most people get on street to joy and play together. This festival take place on 13th-15th Aril, which is the most high temperature month among the year.

Submitted by MiceSb on Sat, 04/12/2021 - 07:40


Hi there.
It was a pleasure to read about so many traditions from different cultures. But I haven`t seen anyone who was from my country. I`m from Ukraine. There are a lot of traditions I saw. But the most exciting and loud is reconstruction of Cossack`s battle. Cossack was the warrior that fought for the independence of my country. The event takes place in ninth of October. The reconstruction is very spectacular. There are a lot of strength people with sable, guns and other types of weapon. Loud shots and seeing that historical moment always made me fell excited as a child. There was a big fair near the event too. I liked it so much.

Submitted by robsonfs on Mon, 22/11/2021 - 12:14


It's so cool to read your thoughts about these traditions all around the world. Especially those that show different views about customs in my country. I'm from Brazil, and here we have some celebrations quite famous, like "Carnaval" (carnival) and "Festa Junina" (June Party). Honestly, I'm not a big fan of these traditions. Both of them are noisy and crowded, and I don't like them. In spite of what I just wrote, there is one thing in each of these celebrations that I really enjoy. In the Carnaval, we have an extended holiday in Brazil, so I can travel away from the crowded and take some days of rest with my family. In the "Festa Junina", oh... what such a delicious food... Canjica, quentão (kind of alcholic drink), mingau de milho and so on... I really enjoy all these foods. Most of them have different kinds of corn as their base ingredient.

Submitted by vinhbachsy on Mon, 22/11/2021 - 04:37


Great to know about so many interest traditions from you all. I'm from Vietnam, and we have plenty of traditional holidays and celebrations, but the one I missed most is the mid-Autumn festival. The festival takes place in the 15th night of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, when the Moon is normally at its brightest. During the festival, all kids in my neighborhood would bring together lanterns with all type of shapes. We then have a small competition and argument to see who has the best lantern of the year and start marching around the neighborhood like a little army. As I grow up, the excitement about the festival starts fading away, but it is always a big nostalgic part about my childhood.

Submitted by taliafonseca on Sat, 20/11/2021 - 22:46


Hello everyone! My name's Talia and I'm from Brazil. Here we have lots of traditions that I really miss and due the covid-19 we weren't able to celebrate the past years. So, let me tell you guys about Carnaval. In a nutshell is a very colourful holiday that happens by the end February, and it's about celebration, good music and the joy of life. For three days, if I'm not wrong, people are invited to join the streets and celebrate life. If you look for it on the internet, you shall see a lot of happy people in customs and flooding the streets with joy.

Submitted by ele_bonilla on Fri, 12/11/2021 - 20:01


Hi there!
It is exciting to know about the traditions of other countries around the world! It is just amazing! I am from Colombia and here we have lots of holidays, but generally, they are about the catholic religion. To me, one of the most memorable celebrations is July 20, it is independence day and everybody around the country puts out in each house the flag of the country with the 3 colors: yellow, blue and red.

Submitted by TonySpamonie on Thu, 11/11/2021 - 19:44


Hello there! To be honest, I'm from russia, but that a secret so please don't tell anyone. In my country on 5th of November we celebrate now a something, I do not sure even what. Because it has been a lot different couses, thought I. But it isn't. I was mistaken. There was 4th November the day of national union, the 7th of revolution, and who knows what else and on what date exactly. So my message is worthless.
Have a good day

Submitted by Duonglayder2000 on Tue, 09/11/2021 - 03:30


I feel so good when I read about the information above article. My name is Duong and I'm from Vietnam. My country has a popular tradition is worship in July. When July 1 or July 15, everybody will come to the pagodas and devotion worship their dead relatives. Because Vietnamese think everybody died and go to hell. If they devotion worship maybe their dead relatives can go to reincarnation

Submitted by alex623 on Sat, 06/11/2021 - 17:09


It's been amazing read about your traditions around the world. I am from Colombia, the best coffee country. Tell you something you probably don't know, Colombia is the second country with major number of holidays. But most of holidays are because of Catholic religion, in contrast there are a lot of carnivals, festivals that has been growing and that are reshaping the holidays into a different carnivals fullfill of dancing, floats and concerts.

Submitted by luongbaongoc on Thu, 04/11/2021 - 08:23


It's interesting to read about other country's tradition. I come from Vietnam. There are a lot of traditional activities in my country. And the most thing I like is worship ancestors. The purpose of this tradition is to show respect to our ancestors, and to people who deserve well of our country.

Submitted by Suraj paliwal on Thu, 04/11/2021 - 05:08


In my country all tradition is fill of superstition and idiotness so I don't like any tradition of religion. I follow my family tradition. I don't like my religion so I'm materlistic.

Submitted by goes_2 on Mon, 01/11/2021 - 17:52


Hi guys!!!
It's been awesome to read about your traditions. I'm from Brazil and in my country, we have a traditional celebration that calls the June Party, in Portuguese " Festa Junina". It is a most popular celebration where everyone sing and dance around of bonfire. Also have a lot of traditional food and fireworks too, but I don't like fireworks, it's awful for animals.

Submitted by sdwin on Tue, 26/10/2021 - 16:17


It is so nice to read about a lot of traditions all around the world. In Myanmar, we have a lot of traditional festivals, at least one per month. Among those, Thingyan Festival, is called Myanmar New Year Festival, is the biggest one that is celebrated over the country. We treat everyone free foods and drinks. Mont Lone Yay Paw is the trademark Myanmar traditional snack for this festival. We pay homage to Buddha and to the elderly. There is also another name for this festival. Guess what? Yes, most people from other countries know that as Water Festival. We throw water on each other and that’s so enjoyable.

Submitted by WintBo on Sun, 24/10/2021 - 14:56


Hello everyone, it's so interesting to hear about all of your traditions from various cultural backgrounds. I'm from Myanmar. In our Myanmar calendar, there are twelve months and each month has one festival at least. This month we have the lighting festival. Every house in every street is lit with candle lights or LED lights. We visit our relatives' house, gathering, eating Myanmar snacks and pay homage to the elders. Even I was paid homage by my little brother. Of course, I have to give him back pocket money. But this is just in some parts of the villages and towns. Not all of Myanmar People are happy this year because of our country's situation, you may or may not know. While our parents still have all children to meet and feed, some parents have become childless and some children have become parentless. I'm praying for my country day and night.

Submitted by Jazmin24 on Wed, 20/10/2021 - 09:03


hi, in my city not have very much history interesithing, but i have one what is of true strange, in which an boy been during on time in the port navy and he get an aventure greats in the bouts, him this talking above on creature extraordinary the colors beatifuls and scames with diamonts, this criature the capture him and lot goes far or one island dark and cold but in this place he it was very but very happy, because is stranger but he met him home.

Submitted by ezahraa on Tue, 19/10/2021 - 16:00


Hi! everyone, i enjoyed reading your traditions, i love the fact that we have different cultures, and it's amazing when we tell one another about it.
I'm zahraa from algeria, my country as same as yours, has a lot of traditions, my favourite one is how we celebrate religious events, especially ramadhan.
During this month, we as muslims, fast all the day till the sunset, It may seam like starving or something, but in fact It's a holy month full of mercy, prayers, charities, thikr, reading quraan, and all good dids, seeking god's forgiveness and guidness. a month that fulfill our spiritual part by its end!!
so, we prepare for this holy month to make it as perfect as possible, in my country women change dishes, men decorate streets, and my favourite part in night prayers, it's amazing how we keep hearing qura'an recitation all night with quras' beautiful voices!!
I really miss it right now.

Submitted by zak .-. on Sun, 17/10/2021 - 09:07


my name is Zak, today I want to talk about Christmas in Austria. Austria is a country with more Christians than other religions there. That means we have no school and work on Christmas day, even for non-Christians. Our family is eating lunch and opening presents by my grandma and grandpa. Then we drive home it's always very cold. Last year it was even snowing! At home we watch TV and eat dinner. Then we go upstairs and there is a Christmas tree.

Submitted by sudebozkurt01 on Wed, 13/10/2021 - 21:45


Hi everyone my name is Sude and all what you wrote about your countries really inspired me and i learnt so much from them.I live in Turkey and i guess the most interesting one is about ramadan.It is an event about religion.For 1 month we, muslims all around the world, fast and we don't eat or drink anything until evening then we start to eat or drink. We do that for one month and also do that to understand how poor people struggle with problems like hugry.We also give money to poor people in this month.We try to help them and also understand them.This is a very meaningful thing for me and also some people say that it is a regeneration for our bodies.

Submitted by zain on Tue, 12/10/2021 - 14:01


So good to read about other's home tradition! Unfortunately, I'm not living in my country Palestine, but I can recall some traditions from what I read and heard. In Palestine, the birth of a baby is a joyful and happy occasion, family members and friends start to visit the new parents to offer them love, and best wishes. And a traditional dish, mughli, - a pudding made of semolina flour, sugar and cinnamon, topped with fresh nuts - is served, along with coffee or tea.

Submitted by Ahmed96 on Sat, 09/10/2021 - 19:10


Hi there , this is Ahmed and I am here to tell you about the most interesting tradition about my country Egypt. Every spring we have a celebrity we called it here "ShamElnseem" . We start our day by preparing breakfast plates from coloured boiled eggs with white cheese and bread then getting ready to go to the gardens to enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful colours of the flowers. The launch comes with only fish and onion. The Day ended up with some beautiful songs and a movie.

Submitted by emarielg on Thu, 07/10/2021 - 05:04


Really cool to learn about other countries' traditions; if I'm honest I've never really tried to search for traditions outside Mexico, but most of the ones I've read so far sound really interesting and fun!
My favorite mexican tradition is probably the Day of the Death, have you seen the film Coco?, well, it really shows up the idea of the tradition. It's celebrated in November to commemorate our loved ones who already passed away. We set up an altar with their favorite drinks and food, and we create a Cempasuchil (a mexican flower) path as a way to show them we remember them and that we still celebrate their lives.
Besides the meaning of the celebration, my favorite part of it must be the pan de muerto, it's amazing! have you tried it?

Submitted by Ganeshtiw on Thu, 30/09/2021 - 18:32


Hi, dear readers
Let me bring you in the most religious country India
so first of all be cool to read about . as the given context
In India # Holi is the most popular and religious festival .
we collect wood at a place before the day and set fire
which is the symbol of victory over bad evils power . the aunty of prahalad had the power of sitting in fire . and she wants to kill prahalad in fire .as soon as she took prahlada for sitting in fire ,prahlad remembered krishna
and then aunt holika got fire herself and prahlad remain safe .
and till the date we celebrate it as holika dahan

Submitted by Charles jr on Wed, 29/09/2021 - 15:43


It's amazing to read about everyone's home traditions! Here on Brazil we have the june party in June 24th, we celebrate the birth of John Baptist (or saint John) of the catholic church. Basically, we got the tradition to build up a bonfire in the frontwards of our houses to bake corns and play with fireworks, yeah... Quite funny, right? We also wear straw hats and plaid shirts. Even I'm not a religious person, it's so cool and funny to celebrate this date with my family and friends.

Submitted by Samqaid on Thu, 09/09/2021 - 19:57

So cool to read about the traditions in my country. we celebrate on 21 September every year. Basically Al-Houthi Movement took control the capital of Yemen and they have control and manage the power and authorities on 21 September, 2015. there is not firework just dance and poems about this occasion.

Submitted by Javier Antonio Seco on Tue, 31/08/2021 - 05:23

It's so cool to talk about traditions. I'm from Venezuela, my country has a lot traditions. Every region has its own tradition. In my region one of three most popular tradition is slave dancimg called tambor. It is celebrated on July 24th. And it is about the end of the slavery. A lot people come from different parts of the country to this celebration.

Submitted by Elías Amitai on Wed, 18/08/2021 - 14:48

The tradition I like the most of my country, it is definitely day of the death, and not because I like to see people crying or in sad mood but because this an ancient Mexican tradition that began even before the Spanish conquest. So I find it quite interesting that this tradition remains to this day. I'm so proud of my roots as well my ethnicity so I love this tradition because in this day, you can see ornate streets everywhere, disguised people, and it is also common to see people gathering with their relates. And in some places people even arrange dancing events. All these things reminds us of our roots, so we Mexicans can be proud of them.

Submitted by Gustavo Caroli… on Wed, 28/07/2021 - 04:01

The tradition I like the most in my country, Brazil, is the Carnival, because it's a time when people dance, sing, party, so they are very happy and animated and forget about their problems. It's very exciting !