An email to explain an accommodation problem

Learn how to write an email to explain a problem with your accommodation.

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Reading text

From: Eloisa Marr
To: Sam Matthews [landlord]
Subject: 32 Acacia Avenue electricity problem

Dear Sam,

I'm writing on behalf of myself and my flatmates about Number 32 Acacia Avenue as we've been having problems with the electricity.

We noticed that if we use more than one appliance at night when the lights are on, the power cuts out. This means that we can't use the dishwasher at the same time as the oven, for example. For a while we have been careful but recently we have found that even in the daytime, more than one machine running can cause a power cut. Occasionally, the power cuts out for no obvious reason.

We know the electrician who came before couldn't find anything wrong, but please can someone come again as the problem is getting worse? If it would be easier, we can arrange an electrician ourselves and send you the bill.

Kind regards,



  1. To email someone who's not a friend, use a neutral style and polite tone.
  2. Start the email with Dear … , not Hi. End it with Kind regards or just Regards.
  3. Organise your email in three paragraphs:
    • why you're writing
    • the problem
    • what you want the solution to be
  4. Keep it short and simple. Only include the important information.
  5. Put specific information in the subject line. Don't just put Problem.
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B1 English level (intermediate)

Submitted by Fzt_abidin on Mon, 18/07/2022 - 17:41


Yes, ı had a bad experience with my rented home last year. İn Turkey, Summer pass really hot and humid that's why every home found an air conditioner. Last year ı tried to run my air conditioner but it didn't run. I call my landlord and he tried to fix this situation however, the problem continued. Although ı tried to suggest another solution to the problem, the problem was never solved. I was cooked because of the heat. I never gave up about to fix problems. A technician came to my home and fix the problem then ı was relieved.

Submitted by Van wong on Mon, 30/05/2022 - 08:59


I had a terrible experience regarding rented accommodation with a flatmate who often turned on a loud speaker at night. Which drove me mad that I couldn't sleep well all night.

Submitted by m_sadeghi98 on Wed, 29/12/2021 - 08:48


Dear Mihrab
I'm writing on behalf of myself .we've been having problems with the halogen lamps. Some of them cute out after a 2 or 3 months and some of them never light up again by changing the lamp.

Submitted by LamVanPhuong on Wed, 10/11/2021 - 09:34


I'm lucky that I haven't had a bad experience with the hostel I've rented so far

Submitted by Suraj paliwal on Thu, 04/11/2021 - 20:35


Yes, it's about a flatmate. He is smoking person and drugs addict. And I troubled many days then I called landlady and I changed my flat. He's very confused in his life I think he needs a doctor.

Submitted by GiulianaAndy on Sat, 26/06/2021 - 01:08

No, I haven't had any troubles with a rented accommodation. However, I have had problems with a company which provides internet to my house. One day I couldn't stand it anymore, so I decided to write an email to explain the problem; here it is: From: Giuliana Rodriguez To: Mick (owner of the company which provides internet to my house) Dear Mick, I'm writing on behalf of myself and my family about 40 Chorrillos District as we've been having some issues with the internet connection. We noticed that if more than one person use the internet at the same time, it cuts out. For a while we have been standing it but recently my family and I need to use the internet more frequently. We know that the technician who came before couldn't find anything wrong, but please can someone come again as the problem is getting worse? Kind regards, Giuliana

Submitted by Ehsan on Wed, 09/06/2021 - 05:22

No, I hadn't had any problem with places that I have rented till now.

Submitted by Camila Abreu on Mon, 26/04/2021 - 15:02

Not that I remember.

Submitted by Dibesciak on Fri, 09/04/2021 - 10:24

I have a very bad experience recently. Water started dripping from above flat what cause that we haven't got a light in our flat for two weeks. I biggest problem was nobody currently was living in flat above us and we could not contact with owner of this flat. Before they sorted out the problem , we had to light our rooms with candles and torches :P

Submitted by YED on Mon, 05/04/2021 - 23:34

Dear Mrs Demi, I'm writing about Number 45 Soring grove Crescent as I've been having problems with the washing machine. If it would be easier, I can arrange a plumber myself and send you the bill. Kind regards, Katsi

Submitted by Abrarhussain on Sat, 27/02/2021 - 00:19

yes I have had a bad experience of water leaking in a rental accommodation. When I was living near the town centre in a rental accommodation, water leaking start from my bath room and too much water came in to the kitchen. Immediately I contacted the land lord and requested him please sort out this problem.

Submitted by Andrea Valencia on Sat, 20/02/2021 - 15:19

I haven't had a bad experience in rented accommodation because I have my own house, it is greatful.

Submitted by IsaiE on Mon, 25/01/2021 - 17:02

Dear Sam I´m writting on belhalf of my self Recently I´ve been having problems with the electricity. The lights in the main bathroom ramdomly go off and takes a while to come back, I would really appreciate if you can send someone to check the electricity Best regards Isai

Submitted by Elham Barakat on Thu, 07/01/2021 - 06:06

Dear sir, I'm writing on behalf of myself and my flatmates. We have been having a problem with insects in the flat, especially in the kitchen. It's a long time problem. We inform your own before. You are grateful to send us a person to spray the flat before. But the problem was not solved. The problem is getting worse more and more. Please can you find an expert person to have a look? Or if it would be easier, we can find one and send you the bill. Kind regards, Elham
Profile picture for user danisep

Submitted by danisep on Wed, 21/10/2020 - 23:02

Dear martha. I’m writing on behalf of myself and my flatmates about flat 12, 3 Pepe Street. We’ve been having some problems with the roof when rainy days come, the water leaking and drench all our stuffs specifically in the kitchen and this is awkward and dangerous because we must disconnect the appliances from the electricity and take off from its places. Please can you hire or send someone to fix that as soon as possible, if it would be easier if we find someone who fixes the problem and we send you the bill. best regards. Daniel

Submitted by Ugulhan on Thu, 01/10/2020 - 08:03

A good question. Since I am living in my apartment, it has been experiencing heating problems. In winter is so cold, I hope it is old heating and the landlord came and checked out it but it is unhelpful. Now, the old owner of the apartment sold it to another landlord, and a new landlord seems to be getting unhelpful. I will move to a new place as possible as soon before winter comes.

Submitted by YaMaCa on Tue, 29/09/2020 - 08:39

My husband and I have some issues in our current flat. Specialty, the first weeks after we moved in. One example Dear Mr. Katrine We write to you from the flat No 1301, ubicated in Avenue 95. We have been having problems since some days ago. It seems to be an electrical problem and leaking out water in the washing room. Please can you send someone to have a look at them? Regards Lady Family
Profile picture for user shelly

Submitted by shelly on Tue, 15/09/2020 - 04:45

Dear Sam, I am writing on behalf of myself and my roommate to tell you that we are experiencing a leaking problem during rainy days. We noticed that the wall is a little wet when we first moved into room 32. At the beginning we thought that it was the humid air leading to the wet wall on rainy days. But a few days later we found our floor was covered with water and water is dropping from the roof, some of our clothes was polluting by the dropping water. Please could you arrange a plumber to check what caused this problem. If you agreed, we could find a plumber and send you the bill. Best regards Shelly

Submitted by kyawkyawsoezhu on Mon, 31/08/2020 - 18:59

I’m having a problem with my upstairs neighbour, as I’m living in an apartment. I can hear the upstairs doing something loud. They always cook in the very early morning, sometimes the noise of crushing ingredients wakes me up. Their kids play and run with really loud food steps during daytimes and even at night. Now that I have to work at home, it is so annoying to hear loud food setups everydays, sometimes I wish they didn’t live upstairs. There was one time it was almost 12pm and the kid didn't stop playing, so I went to them and requested them to stop, because I’ve already been asleep, the husband unhappy about it and the next morning they made louder noise than they were used to.

Submitted by IKEDA on Wed, 26/08/2020 - 14:02

I don't have so many problems with my home now. One big thing I remembered, when I lived in a former house, I saw cockroaches occasionally in my room. So I moved as soon as I could.
Profile picture for user Hennadii

Submitted by Hennadii on Wed, 12/08/2020 - 10:41

I used to rent a flat for a while some years ago. We live here with my wife. It was quite a nice flat. It clearly needs a renovation but it was near the metro station so we could quickly get to our works. In addition to the favourable location, there were lots of shops and fun: cinemas, roller drome, skating-rink, bowling, and many different restaurants. And view! It had such a lovely view from the window. We lived there for more than three years but when our first son was born we moved in the bigger one. Now we live in a big flat, near the park and some gardens squares in a quiet and peaceful district.

Submitted by seito kaito on Tue, 07/07/2020 - 17:16

Hallo everyone! I have never lived in a rental apartment. But I have had a bad experience parent’s house. I would like to talk about that. When I was a junior high school student, I tried to turn on the air conditioner because it was very hot outside. However, no matter how the temperature was lowered, or the air volume was increased, it never became cool. So, I asked the repairman to fix the air conditioner, and I got it fixed immediately. It is hot to die in midsummer, so I thought it would be hard if I could not use the air conditioner. But the hardest thing I have ever done was break the refrigerator. One day, when I tried to remove the ice from the refrigerator, the ice melted unusually. When I checked everything in the refrigerator, I realized that the refrigerator was broken because it was not cold at all. It was hard because I could not buy the refrigerator immediately. If I become a member of society and live in a rental apartment, I want to be careful about trouble home appliances.

Submitted by Ayano on Tue, 07/07/2020 - 10:48

I have experienced problem in rented accommodation. That was in Korea from August 4 to 24. In this time, I went to Hanyang University to study Korean, but I stayed a dormitory. Specifically, I think it doesn’t in rented accommodation but. Here was so comfortable and beautiful. There was about seven-tatami room in two people, but there was air conditioner, quite big desks and I could concentrate on study. However, I noticed the problem. It was that being leaked water from bathroom. Bathroom had the door and the curtain, but water was leaking. Other friends also said it happened. The water was flowing to my bed and I had to wipe floor by towel again and again every day. I didn’t find solution so I could only to be careful when I took a bath. By doing this, the water didn’t leak, but by taking bath, I couldn’t relax myself. Therefore, I told the owner about this problem. After all, it didn’t solve until I go back to Japan. I wanted owner to fix the door. I think the number of people who be in trouble due to leaking water will increase. So, I hope owner to have already fixed it.  

Submitted by Nanako Suzuki on Thu, 02/07/2020 - 06:40

Hello, everyone. I had not problems in many times, but I had some bad experiences when I had lived in rented accommodation. When I entered the university, I had lived in rented accommodation which was near to my university. The rented accommodation was totally good because the rented accommodation was almost furnished, and the living-room was large for one person, so it was very convenient for me to spend the time. However, the rental apartment didn't have an elevator, and my room was the third floor. After I bought a lot of food and drink like two liter mineral water, I had to carry them to my room at third floor. This work was so hard for me to bring heavy things without using a elevator. I was always sweating when I went up the stairs. In addition, there was no wall in the passage in front of my room, so many bugs and insects were there such as cockroaches, spiders and moths. When I was back home at night, many bags and insects gathered at light in the passage. It was very gross to see them. I think it would have been easier if there were walls in the aisle.

Submitted by Belen jimbo on Mon, 29/06/2020 - 09:14

Problems with electricity cables is very annoying. This is a problem that must be resolved quickly. Being worried that your electricity is going to be cut is very stressful. These power outages can damage some appliances. For electricity to work properly you must hire a good electrician.

Submitted by senes19 on Sat, 27/06/2020 - 10:57

Hello, I have lived in a rented apartment when I started a university. There were some accommodation problems with house. It wasn't too bad the problem. Our fountain didn't flow water. We have asked to landlady why it isn't not working? She has replied us we should find a plumber and she will pay for this. We have thanked her for answering. We have looked for a well known plumber and some of my friend has offered a man who is good qualification. He came but he didnt solve our problems. Finally we had to change our house. The landlady has apologized for the bad experience. And then we have moved another place where belongs to same person. It lasted one week and it was a very bad situation for us.

Submitted by gdeamond on Mon, 11/05/2020 - 21:17

I never lived in a rented apartment. So, I'd never have to ask for rented accommodation. Yet, I had to ask for pipelines accommodations to the upstairs neighbor. His shower pipes were leaking, causing a musty smell in my closet. I tried to be nice, calm and polite. Nevertheless, my neighbor was pretty rude when I asked him. He said that he won't make any accommodation. He told me that it wasn’t his problem and if I had that musty smell I couldn’t prove that was caused by his leak, because there was no leak. Then I asked the President of the Condominium Board to intercede. He talked to him, I’m not absolutely sure what they talked, but after that he accepted to ask for a plumber to check out his shower. The plumber said that indeed his shower had has a leak. Then he accepted to make the accommodation.

Submitted by gladysbejaranoa on Mon, 11/05/2020 - 19:01

Hello everyone! A few years ago, when I just started university and stoped living with my parents I rent a room on my flat in order to gaing a little money and to have some company. But my first flatmate wasnt the best, even thougt we had about the same age, were form the same town and studied on the same university, our personalities and manners where so differents that we never got agree on anything. Maybe beause she was very demading and didnt tried to get along. Eventually I wrote her an mail like this: Dear Lucía. I'm writing you to let you now that the room i am renting to you is not going to be avalible next January, my cousing Andrea is looking a flat and I can't afford rejecting her. I am coffindent you are going to find a good place soon, two moths is i think is time enough to find it. Kind Regards, Gladys.

Submitted by nelsonmm on Mon, 11/05/2020 - 18:09

I'm trying to remember, but I think I have never had a bad experience in a rented accommodation. In my case was the opposite, a long time ago I went to a hotel beach with my girlfriend and we said to the man in the reception that we were in our honeymoon, and as a hotel compliment he upgraded our room for free, he gave us a suite with a big balcony and a bottle of champagne for free. Every morning when we had breakfast the waiter gave us a lot of advice about married like and told stories about himself. It was the same story by the pool or the beach, apparently, the entire hotel believed we were just married. Because of that, we have to be committed to our little lie and play along when we talked to them. Now, some people call it divine justice, but one day we took a trip to a beautiful little island to snorkel, and when we just jump into the water a bug sting my girlfriend pretty bad and we had to come out and lay on the sand while the pain went away.
Profile picture for user JuanManuelLopezGil

Submitted by JuanManuelLopezGil on Tue, 21/04/2020 - 00:40

Of course. Right now I share lodging with a Nepalese couple that cooks food with a hard smell that dirty my clothes and room. Is important to respect other cultures but keep a good compartment with roommates because might are from different-cultures. For this reason, all people must keep the common areas of their accommodation clean and organized; respecting the spaces of others. This couple is bad with me because do not clean the kitchen and I can't stand its smell... S.O.S

Submitted by Gabriel Rojas Esté on Fri, 17/04/2020 - 17:12

Hello everybody, My worst experience in rented accommodation was five or six year ago in a flat. We had had several problems with the WIFI. So, I wrote an email to my landlord like this: ‘Dear Mr. Satochi, I’m writing on behalf of myself and my wife about Number 1447 Connecticut Street as we’ve been having problems with the wireless internet connection. We noticed that if we use more than one device at afternoon the connection got very slowly. This means that we can’t use the laptop at the same time as the streaming TV, for example. Usually, the WIFI internet connection cuts out for no obvious reason. We know the technician who came before apparently fix the problem, but please can you send someone again? If it would be easier, we can call someone and send you the bill. Kind regards, Gabriel’ Fortunately, my landlord send a technician and he fixed the problem.
Profile picture for user Magedelabd

Submitted by Magedelabd on Sat, 21/03/2020 - 18:39

I always hvae a bad experience with thw hospital a commendation. The room is in clean . The TV is not working and the refrigerant as well.
Profile picture for user Nikolaos Stavrianakis

Submitted by Nikolaos Stavr… on Fri, 20/03/2020 - 08:48

Sorry, I made a mistake. I wanted to say, caused by mold. Nikolaos
Profile picture for user Nikolaos Stavrianakis

Submitted by Nikolaos Stavr… on Fri, 20/03/2020 - 08:45

Hi!! I rented a room in the hight street six months ago. I became sick, I had been coughing by mold. Well, I was complaining about the wooden floor in my room, it was basically rotten due to the water which was dripping from the radiator. Each time I complained the old man (landlord) threatened to increase the rent. My complaints fell on deaf ears. Nikolaos

Submitted by jazmin marquez on Wed, 18/03/2020 - 01:02

From: Jazmín To: Amparo (Landlady) Dear Amparo, I´m writing on behalf of my flatmate, abut number street 13 suth. We have been having problems with the air conditioning. We noticed that if we use more tan one air conditioning of the house, these stop working.This mean that we can´t use the air conditioning of the bedroom and the livingroom at the same time, for example. For a while we have been careful but today we have found that none is working. Please can someone come to fixed this before the problem getting worse? If would be easier, we can arrage a electrician ourselves and send you the bill. Kind regards, Jazmín

Submitted by hungrymoon on Tue, 14/01/2020 - 13:00

It seems there are some holes on the windows cause to enter cold air into home. So It cause home to be very uncomfortable especially in the nights. Also it causes rising heating cost. If you accept I can ask help from anyone who can repair, and send the bill you, otherwise It would be appreciate If you could offer any solution asap.

Submitted by I P on Wed, 11/12/2019 - 20:09

Dear Semi, I m writing i on behalf of myself and my roommates about Vuka Micnuvocia 14, as we have been having problems with doors of room in our flat. In the beginning, occasionally, we noticed that door made some odd sounds (like creaking), but it becomes more often and yesterday we couldn t close that doors. Please, can arrange someone to check and try to solve problem, if it would be easier we can arrange someone and send you a bill Kind regards Ivana

Submitted by cittàutopica on Wed, 06/11/2019 - 19:31

Fortunately, I've never had any serious problem in rented accomodation: only malfunctions of little importance, that the landlords quickly solved. I was lucky to bump into polite lowners.

Submitted by smell08 on Tue, 14/05/2019 - 14:11

Dear Sam, I'm writing on behalf of myself and my flat mates about Number 20-08 Sunway Geo Avenue as we've been having problem with a fire alarm system. We noticed that it makes noise periodically although we remove it. This means it has disturbed us while sleeping contiuously. We hope the manager who can handle this problem would come to our apartment. and if you decide to send him, could you let me know related schedule? Kind regards, Louis.
Profile picture for user nguyendangan188

Submitted by nguyendangan188 on Wed, 10/04/2019 - 11:18

Dear Josh, I am writing on behalf of my self and 03 roommates about the unit 1010. We have been having problem with the air conditioning since last Monday. The air conditioning in 03 our bedrooms are working in bad condition. This mean that although we have adjusted the lowest temperature of 16 Celsius degree and set at the high power mode with the strongest of fan speed, the room's temperature is still too hot of 35 Celsius degree. For a while we have checked the temperature of air flow was blown out from the indoor unit that is 35 Celsius degree, higher than when air conditioning operating normal. Occasionally, we heard the abnormal noise that it is spread out from into the gas pipe. we known that have 02 times of having the technician who came to check the problem but they could not find out any problem, Perhaps, they have not professional of air conditioning skills, that's why the problem is getting more and more worse. By the email, we ask you should solve the problem ASAP, because it is coming in the Autumn with the temperature is more hotter. Please, can arrange someone coming and deeply checking to solve the root of problem. If it would be easier, we can arrange the technician ourselves coming to solve problem and send you the bill

Submitted by Hich5100 on Tue, 26/03/2019 - 11:24

I had a bad experience regarding rented accommodation In fact, in my previous home, we were not able to have a network in some rooms, the sun is not getting inside the house and there are extremely bad sounds coming from the water tank, therefore, we are not able to sleep properly during the night.

Submitted by Leo on Sun, 03/03/2019 - 23:07

I don't have a kind of this issue in where I live.
Profile picture for user MAO

Submitted by MAO on Thu, 28/02/2019 - 03:47

I haven't had a bad experience in rented accommodation. On the contrary, i had a good experience when i was a senior high school student and rented a flat outside. I remembered that thing happened in the winter. One day I went back dorm as usual and found that there was a sleeping bag put on my bed. When i was wondering what happened, i saw a letter written by the landlady and left beside the sleeping bag, which said that remember to keep warm in this cold day and this sleeping bag was prepared for you. How considerate of my landlady, who is a mother of my senior in the same school.

Submitted by CHChien on Mon, 25/02/2019 - 15:01

Looking sentence carefully.