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So cool to read about everyone's home tradition they miss the most! I'm from England but I've been living in the States for five years and the thing I miss the most is Bonfire Night on November 5th.

The best thing about Bonfire Night is the fireworks, oh, and the bonfires! … and the history behind it. Basically, Guy Fawkes and his friends tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament and kill King James I. They nearly did it too – they hired a room under the House of Parliament and filled it with explosives. But someone told the royal palace. The authorities found Guy Fawkes in the room guarding the explosives, and he was sentenced to torture and death.

So it's a tradition that celebrates the fact that the king survived. It also means people don't forget what happens if you plot against your country. There's a kind of poem about it that starts 'Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot.' That's why we build a 'guy' – a life-size model of Guy Fawkes – and burn it on the bonfire. Pretty dark and horrible when you think about it!


  1. It's nice to start by saying something that shows you have read other people's posts.
  2. In a class forum you can be quite informal.
  3. In informal writing you can sometimes miss out the beginning of a phrase:
    So cool to read about everyone's home tradition ...
  4. Remember, in a forum you are part of a long conversation with a lot of other people so they might ask you questions.


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Submitted by Walter1717 on Tue, 09/07/2024 - 08:01


Hello everyone. I am from Serbia, and for purpose for this forum I use name Walter. This topic is very intersting. I think that every country has some specialy history which makes her different and specificly by other country. My country is small, and he position is at South Europe, that is In Balkan. We very like sport, such as football, basketball, tennis ect. 

Submitted by Jum Jum on Mon, 08/07/2024 - 09:50


Amazing to read everyone’s wonderful posts about their favorite traditions from their countries. I am from Myanmar, a country located in Southeast Asia. The tradition I like the best from my country is the Water Festival, known as “Thingyan Festival”. It is celebrated every April and lasts around a week. Those days are recognized as public holidays and, most people go outside to celebrate the festival by splashing water on each other, offering free foods to everyone, doing good deeds, or entertaining people with traditional songs and dances. We celebrate during those days because it is traditionally recognized as the beginning of the new year. Splashing water on people symbolizes washing away the dust from the previous year and starting anew with a clearer mind and body in the new year. Such a beautiful festival we all love to participate in!

Submitted by itslia on Wed, 03/07/2024 - 10:44


Good day, all! I am from Turkiye. Among the many celebrations in Turkiye, Ramadan Feast Days stand out as one of my favorites. Since in this celebration, everybody wakes up early and starts their day with preparation. We as children wear new clothes we bought before for the celebration. Throughout the day, we as a family visit our relatives. We kiss the hands of our elders, they give us candies and money. Ramadan Feast Days last 3 days. This celebration is so much fun! Because in this celebration, everybody wakes up early and gets ready for the day. We as children wear new clothes we bought before for the celebration. Throughout the day, we as a family visit our relatives. We kiss the hands of our elders, they give us candies and money. Ramadan Feast Days last 3 days. This celebration is so much fun!

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Submitted by SanGermain on Tue, 02/07/2024 - 23:58


In Colombia, "amigo secreto" (Secret Santa) is a popular game, especially during the Christmas season. Participants, usually in groups of friends or coworkers, put their names in a container and each person draws a name at random, without revealing who they got. Over a period, they give small anonymous gifts, called "endulzadas," and finally exchange a bigger gift at a gathering. The goal is to keep the secret until the last day, creating excitement and fun. It's a tradition that promotes camaraderie and joy during the holiday season.

Submitted by summerlc on Sat, 29/06/2024 - 12:15


Namaste everybody, I'm from Nepal.Here we celebrate Dashain as major festival on Thu Oct 3,2024 to Wed, Oct 16, 2024 for this year.It may vary according to Hindu calendar. At the time of writing this comment, I don't exactly know the traditions about it, But Wikipedia is there for me to know it so. I'm going to have a sight on it.

Submitted by VNatasha on Tue, 25/06/2024 - 19:47


Hi everybody! I'm from Ukraine. I'm very happy to see messages about the traditions of my country. It's a very interesting topic, because when you read about the traditions of celebrations in different countries, you understand what makes each country special.

Hello Natasha, I'm from Serbia. Yes, you are apsollutly right. Each county had some history, which makes her differently and specific by other countries. What's about Ukraine, can you tell us something of history of your country?

Submitted by Lizzie_97 on Mon, 24/06/2024 - 08:56


Hi everyone, I'm from Vietnam which Country is located in South East of Asia Continent. I'm here to learn English but be pleasant for telling anyone here about the tradition of my Country that I like the best. 
On 2nd September 1945, Ho Chi Minh President (in my Country everyone usually calls Uncle Ho - an intimate name which my Country citizens call for gratitude and respectability with my Country President) spoke Declaration of Independence in Ba Dinh Square, that officially means my Country have had freedom after over 80 years be dominated by the French colonialists. 
So that day becomes National Day of my Country. Everyone will be allowed to take 2 days off from study or work on annual 1st and 2nd of September to celebrate it.

Submitted by umitalbayrak on Sun, 23/06/2024 - 16:59


Hello, everyone! I'm from Turkey, specifically in Istanbul. I'd like to talk about all of our tradition fests, but there are many of them. My favorite is Republic Fest, held on October 29th. With the proclamation of the republic, we believe that we have taken our freedom from the Padishah and laid the groundwork for being a modern country.

Submitted by mejri nour on Sat, 22/06/2024 - 18:04


Every country has its own traditions with rich stories behind them. In Tunisia, on March 16th each year, we celebrate National Traditional Dress Day. On this day, Tunisians wear their fabulous traditional outfits. Men typically wear the "Djeba" and "Chachia," while women don the Tunisian "Kaftan," "Fouta and Blouza," and the "Sefsari." Additionally, we prepare traditional foods such as "Couscous" and Tunisian sweets like "Kaak Warka," "Samsa," and "Baklava."

This celebration not only showcases the beauty of Tunisia's traditions but also highlights our rich cultural heritage and national identity. It helps us feel more connected to our country, enables us to introduce its history to others, and deepens our appreciation of our cultural roots.