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So cool to read about everyone's home tradition they miss the most! I'm from England but I've been living in the States for five years and the thing I miss the most is Bonfire Night on November 5th.

The best thing about Bonfire Night is the fireworks, oh, and the bonfires! … and the history behind it. Basically, Guy Fawkes and his friends tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament and kill King James I. They nearly did it too – they hired a room under the House of Parliament and filled it with explosives. But someone told the royal palace. The authorities found Guy Fawkes in the room guarding the explosives, and he was sentenced to torture and death.

So it's a tradition that celebrates the fact that the king survived. It also means people don't forget what happens if you plot against your country. There's a kind of poem about it that starts 'Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot.' That's why we build a 'guy' – a life-size model of Guy Fawkes – and burn it on the bonfire. Pretty dark and horrible when you think about it!


  1. It's nice to start by saying something that shows you have read other people's posts.
  2. In a class forum you can be quite informal.
  3. In informal writing you can sometimes miss out the beginning of a phrase:
    So cool to read about everyone's home tradition ...
  4. Remember, in a forum you are part of a long conversation with a lot of other people so they might ask you questions.


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Submitted by Abdullah-_-506 on Fri, 12/05/2023 - 13:07


Hello, I'm Abdullah from Saudi Arabia. our traditional festival is AL-Jenadriyah festival, it was first held in 1989 since that time until now it has taken place every year in Riyadh which is the capital city of KSA. it shows the cultural variety in Saudi towns and villages, in their clothes, food, etc.

Submitted by OUSMANE89 on Mon, 08/05/2023 - 16:02


Hello am ousmane from Mali
I would like to share about children tradition in madina ksa
When I was child in madina the first night of RAMDAN month (hijri calinder) all the children in the city meeting together with thousands of bikes making a riding carnaval around the streets and hoods all the details about this day in my mind like it's happened yesterday

Submitted by rash87 on Fri, 05/05/2023 - 22:22


The most beautiful and traditional day in my country is when we play by the water. And we see different generations pour water on other people and everyone enjoys and laughs with the neighborhood and makes plans to catch us and poor us by water, I really missed those days.

Submitted by Jellophone on Mon, 17/04/2023 - 11:24


Hello, I am a student risiding in a small town in the north-west region of Germany. In lower saxony we celebrate, mostly in villages, the "Schützenfest" (that roughly translates to hunters festival). I'm not sure if it has any interesting history at all, and if it has, I would assume it used to celebrate the hunters for gathering meat for the village, similiar to the "Ernte dank" festival (it roughly translates to "being thankful for the farmers harvest"), where we celebrate the fruitful harvest. The hunters festival is usually celebrated in late fall and as a sidenote, "Ernte dank" is celebrated in spring.

Submitted by kara1999shi on Sun, 16/04/2023 - 23:36


Hello guys, I'm from India. In India we have so many traditions, all 365 days festivals are being celebrated in somewhere, some part of India and I liked all of them. Currently I would like to share with you about Dashahara festival. We celebrate this as a symbol of Victory of good over evil. On this day, Prince Ram defeated the King Ravan, who kidnapped Ram's wife Sita. So during that night, we celebrate the fireworks. In which we burn the three-to-four-foot statue of Ravan filled with crackers.

Profile picture for user Skleton

Submitted by Skleton on Sun, 16/04/2023 - 14:13


What a nice day in poland, i am from ukraine and i am learning english language. Currently i am writing this comment just to complete the task and get to the animation. Today is Ukrainian Easter btw so i can relax a bit.

i don't have pretty much to say about my life and cool things that happen here because i go outside only if:

1. i have to touch grass
2. i have meeting with my friends
3. i have to go to class and that's it.

So yeah i kinda just sit in my room for 10 hours and come out only because i need something to do.

Submitted by victguevara on Sun, 16/04/2023 - 02:46


Quiet fun reading some interesting posts. Right, I am from Venezuela, but I'll have been living in Chile for 6 years now next month.
I am keen on how the people celebrate independence day and extend it for the whole of September.
Everybody was mad dancing, eating and wearing traditional customs these days and almost all the houses, offices and streets have decorations with the color of the Chilean flag. Basically, you could find fairs anywhere with shows with horses and bands. In fact, I totally recommend coming to Chile to join us in this spring commemoration.

Submitted by Thinsuaung on Thu, 13/04/2023 - 17:02


I would like to share about Chinese new year festival. I am from Myanmar and I live in Yangon. In our country, there are so many races. I am not pure chinese. My dad is chinese and my mom is the mixing of chinese and myanmar.Now, I am going to tell u about our chinese new year festival, around the month of January and February . It is also known as "Spring Festival". Red represent the lucky color in chinese people. Each year is linked with a different animal and we decorate our home with cute animal cartoon. Children are happy during this festival because their relatives give them red envelopes with money inside. That is called Hong Bao. We wear new clothes on that day and visit to their relatives and my mom said that it makes relatives gathering. The one thing i like most is we must not do anything on that day that make us tired like housekeeping, studying and working. If u do it, u may get tired throughout the whole year .

Submitted by Nanita on Wed, 12/04/2023 - 19:38


Candles day is a beautiful day celebrate in Colombia. It occurs due to is a commemorative date about the Catholic tradition in wich the Archangel Gabriel announced to Mary that she had been chosen. Is a magical night with candles, color, and families gathered in where people officially start Christmas.

Submitted by Lauraisa15 on Wed, 12/04/2023 - 04:40


Colombia has many traditions, the tradition that I like more is the Carnaval of Barranquilla, that shows the happines that characterizes the Colombian people with the differents brightly colored costumes, dances and the activities that done while the carnaval is going on.