A restaurant review

A restaurant review

Learn how to write a restaurant review.

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Vega, New York

Reviewed yesterday


Great mains, pity about the chips

Came for lunch with my sister. We loved our Thai-style mains which were amazing with lots of flavour, very impressive for a vegetarian restaurant.

But the service was below average and the chips were too terrible to finish.

When we arrived at 1.40, we had to wait 20 minutes while they got our table ready. OK, so we didn't have a reservation, but the restaurant was only half full. There was no reason to make us wait at all.

We ordered the chips as a side dish and they looked delicious. But, when we tasted them, they were overcooked and swimming in oil so we left most of them. We expected a lot more for $10!

When the waiter asked if everything was ok, we said we really didn't like the chips and he said 'That's funny, I love them' and that was it. He didn't offer us anything else or take them off our bill. Also, when we didn't leave a tip, he looked annoyed.

I was really excited about visiting Vega, and the mains were just fantastic, but the rest of the experience was really disappointing.


  1. Use an informal or semi-formal style.
  2. In the title, give the main idea or opinion.
  3. Write about the important parts of the experience, not every detail.
  4. Organise your ideas into paragraphs.
  5. Write about the good and the bad.

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Submitted by Elham Barakat on Sun, 03/01/2021 - 16:29

2years ago I went with my friend to a Pizza restaurant. We knew it from a flyer. Everything was looked delicious. There we received a warm welcome. We ordered one large pizza, chips and two cups of juice. We waited for 45min until our order arrived. It was a long time without reason. Everything was looked delicious, but the taste of pizza is not as pretty as the view. It was not well done and like a pie, not a pizza with a thick layer. We pretended as we like it and paid the bill and got out of there. The good thing was the chips were yummy and crunchy. After that, I didn't be tricked by a flyer.

Submitted by Nasir on Sat, 26/12/2020 - 18:21

Sir, which do I use when making a sentence? 1. I am stronger than he or I am stronger than him 2. he is taller than me or he is stronger than I 3. We are wiser than they or we are wiser than them. I am asking this question because there is a place you used " ... is older than me. In another place, you made use of older than I am. Thank you.

Hello Nasir,

After than we use an object pronoun or a subject-verb phrase. Thus, you can say either of these:

I am stronger than him / I am stronger than he is

He is taller than me / He is taller than I am

We are wiser than them / We are wiser than they are



The LearnEnglish Team

Submitted by Ling Wei Hui on Thu, 10/12/2020 - 01:30

Yes,I used to come a restaurant but it's so bad. The food was so sour and not delicious. Beside, the servise was also bad and dirty. It's a bad memory for me. I will not go there again.

Submitted by Rodrigo Abrantes on Mon, 30/11/2020 - 14:25

Yes, many times. When the food is not good, the service is not good or the atmosphere is bad, the restaurant's evaluation will be terrible.

Submitted by Anara SN on Thu, 26/11/2020 - 09:11

Casa Del Gelato, Sousse / Tunisia **** Restaurant is good for everyone, especially for family with kids. They have outside and inside places for guests and playground for kids that become comfortable for couples with kids. You can try there most yummy Italian ice cream in Sousse city. The waiters are funny, always smile, and know English language. Dishes, drinks, cocktails are not expensive. You can also watch football matches there. If you are going to visit this place don't forget to order there a hookah. We've got relax and our kids were happy.

Submitted by zyinabkhalid on Mon, 23/11/2020 - 09:16

yeas, I got a bad experieance with my sisters at Italian resturant on my towne. the resturant wes full sence we arraived and this give us a good imprssion, but the sarvices and food test was disppointed. Also, the waiters was unhelpful.

Submitted by Easter on Thu, 05/11/2020 - 22:06

I also had this bad experience too in the last year, I was travelling with my families oversea, and we went to one restaurant in Spain, that's so awful, there was a half of waiter in front of the main, and no one came to ask us, we waited for 30 minutes at least, they were in racism discrimination, I was so annoyed about.
Profile picture for user danisep

Submitted by danisep on Fri, 16/10/2020 - 19:15

Yes, I had a bad experience in a restaurant but not for servise or bad meal, rather for my sister's husband who came drunk to the restaurant and after everybody ate he decided to pay the bill, tip was included inside, it was a special restaurant with expensive bill, tip was about 10% of the cost, but you can decided what amount to pay more or less, he was confused and start to make stupid questions he couldn’t understand. so I did embarrass about his misbehave and I just avoided for the rest of the night.

Submitted by Sulagna Das on Thu, 15/10/2020 - 20:09

I went to a restaurant with my daughter last year which was designed on a comic character, Though the decoration of the restaurant was impressive, service was poor. Half of the dishes in the mains were not available and moresoever the manager informed that one of their oven is not working, so whatever food we are going to order is going to take more time to prepare than it takes usually. Also, the food didn't turn out to be very good. Overall, not a good experience.