Comparing two charts

Comparing two charts

Learn how to write about and compare two pie charts.

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Comparing two charts

Overall, the two pie charts show that smartphones and tablets are used for the same purposes but to very different extents. 

The first pie chart shows how people spend their time on smartphones while the second pie chart illustrates how time is spent on tablets. For both types of device, the top use is for games, but the figures differ greatly. 57% of the time spent on a tablet is given to playing games, while only 35% of the time spent on a smartphone is used for this. In contrast, smartphone users spend 29% of their time on their gadget accessing social networking sites compared with just 15% of tablet time spent on the same activity.

The third most popular use of the tablet is for consuming entertainment, with users spending 13% of their tablet time watching videos and listening to music. Smartphone users, however, dedicate only 8% of their smartphone time to such entertainment, preferring instead to spend 20% of their time on their phone accessing utilities. These can include maps, weather information and calculators.

There is a clear difference in the way people are using their smartphones and tablets. In general, while tablets are being used more for gaming and other forms of entertainment, smartphones seem to be the preferred option for tasks as well as communication with the world around us.

Please note: This page was designed for writing practice only. Information in the charts may not be accurate.


  1. Before writing about the detailed figures, give an overview of what the graphs or charts represent.
  2. Say precisely what the data refers to. There is a difference between, for example, a user spending 57% of their time on games and a user spending 57% of their tablet time on games. (You can write % or per cent, but be consistent.)
  3. You don't need to describe all the information in the diagrams. Select the most important things.
  4. Don't repeat vocabulary. Use different words and phrases with the same or similar meanings, e.g. playing games = gaming.
  5. Use similarly, in the same way or also to show similarities.
  6. Use however, in contrast, but, while or instead to show differences.

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Submitted by Ensiye on Wed, 27/09/2023 - 20:51


I used to have a smartphone and a tablet at the same time. I would spend most of my tablet time reading books, searching, and watching videos while most of my time spent on the smartphone was given to listening to music, accessing social networking apps, searching my questions, trying new apps, and so on.

As it turned out, I realized that I wasn't so comfortable with the tablet, so to speak. I would do all my stuff with my smartphone. it was so light and more efficient. many times because the tablet made my bag heavy, I wouldn't take it to the class. As the time passed my tablet time would decrease day by day.

In my opinion, because tablets are a hybrid of a laptop and a smartphone, they are not as powerful as a laptop, and also features of tablets are the same as smartphones. It means a tablet can not do anything more than a smartphone. since smartphone screens have been designed larger, I have felt less need for tablets.

Finally, I have sold my tablet before it would be considered outdated. I decided to have a tablet and a smartphone.

Submitted by PaulAndJavier on Mon, 08/05/2023 - 13:16


The time spent on smartphones and tablets by category does not give a full picture.

I used to write reports on my laptop, but transporting the device to different locations became difficult.  As a result, I now use a tablet for the same function.

A new work category for the use of smartphones and tablets is necessary because there many people who use these devices for professional purposes.

Submitted by Lyubov Filimonova on Tue, 07/03/2023 - 08:49


My smartphone cavers the most part of my needs ( checking email, using social networks and messengers, checking weather forecast, etc.) I do not have tablet, so for watching serials and working I use my laptop.

Submitted by Sanja on Thu, 16/02/2023 - 22:53


I use only smartphone. My phone is being used for accessing social networks, communication, finding information, reading news and wheather forecast. Also, I use it for learning English and reading mails. However, my kids use smartphones for gaming, watching YouTube and other entertainment. Laptop is being used for job, writing for faculty exams, writing emails and opening big files.

Submitted by Edi0406 on Fri, 23/12/2022 - 09:57


Personaly, I get both devices. However, I do not necessary use them for the same purposes. In fact, I use my smarphone mostly for entertairnment like watching videos, playing games. In contrast, I use my tablet for more academic things like reading my class notes or a book, as well as taking notes.

Submitted by Rita25 on Thu, 07/07/2022 - 02:47


I have both devices. I normally use my smartphone for sending email, checking the weather and browsing through social media platform as well as shopping online. However when it comes to doing some studies I prefered to use a tablet since it has bigger screen and it keeps me disctracted from checking messages from time to time. To sum it up I can stay focus doing my studies when I use tablet. Both devices are extremely useful.

Submitted by 100COMENTARIOS on Fri, 20/05/2022 - 13:09


I have smartphone and I use it to evething that need. I study, play some games, watch series, YouTube, pay accouts. I make all of it with my smartphone and it's fast, give me a practilaty in the routine of day by day. Also this tool, if it can be call that way, is not expensive for the majority of the people, you can make anything that you need with just one device, it's so good.

Submitted by Gizmoist on Thu, 10/03/2022 - 18:00


I have both of them. I prefer using my tablet in my spare time to entertain and watch some series on digital platforms. Similarly, I also use my smartphone to watch series and entertain while I am travelling.
I spend more time on my smatphone to use for utilities such as maps, calculation and also for social media

Submitted by Abrarhussain on Mon, 14/02/2022 - 23:55


Yes I have a smart phone and tablet. The tablet can be used as an alternative to a laptop. Yes there are similarities such as, the apps and functionality.

Submitted by Suraj paliwal on Tue, 09/11/2021 - 17:19


I don't have tablets. I have a good smartphone. I do everything by smartphone like gaming, listening to music, online shopping,and other things.i don't see any differences in tablets and smartphones.