Giving instructions by email

Giving instructions by email

Learn how to write an email to give instructions.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and tips and do the exercises.

Reading text

To: Meena
From: Suki
Subject: What to do while we're away

Hi Meena,

Thank you so much for offering to house sit for us next week. I'm only sorry we won't get to catch up properly until we get back from our trip. Anyway, here's everything I won't have time to tell you on Saturday morning.

  1. The alarm code is 7957. Don't forget to set it when you go out and remember to turn it off when you get back home as it is LOUD!
  2. The rabbits need feeding once a day and under no circumstances should they be allowed out of their cage in the garden as the neighbour's cats have attacked them in the past.
  3. Please can you use the washing machine in the daytime only as it's old and noisy and the neighbours complain otherwise?
  4. Would you mind opening all the upstairs windows for an hour in the morning as the house gets damp at this time of year?

That's about it! You'll find everything you need in the house, and help yourself to anything in the fridge or cupboards. Feel free to call or text if you have any problems/questions.

See you briefly to hand over keys on Saturday morning and looking forward to a proper chat when we get back!

Thanks again!



  1. Start by saying thank you if you know that the person has already agreed to help you. End with a thank you as well.

  2. Use bullet points or a list to present the instructions clearly for the reader.

  3. Phrase the instructions as polite requests, e.g. Don't forget to ... , Please can you ... , Would you mind ... However, you can be more direct for important instructions, e.g. The ... need(s) ... , Under no circumstances ... , Don't forget to ... .

  4. To emphasise the importance of an instruction, explain what the consequence might be if it isn't followed, e.g. under no circumstances should the rabbits be allowed out of their cage as the neighbour's cats have attacked them in the past.

  5. Let the person know how to contact you with further questions if they need to.

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Submitted by Bunga on Fri, 03/04/2020 - 11:31

Dear Lyla I have to say thank you for helping us for these 2 weeks. This some instructions i want to say for you : 1. Please feed the dog a day. They need so much food if they didn't eat some food they become thin. 2. Do you mind watering a plant twice a day? You can use the pipe for watering the plant. 3. Please wash the dishes by using machine. 4. Would you please turn off all the machine after you use it because it can make the price of electricity more expensive. 5. Feel free to eat some fruits and food in the refrigerator or watch tv. Than you el for helping us.. See you soon briefly to take over the key of my house. Regards Me

Submitted by Wesley54 on Fri, 03/04/2020 - 01:17

Hi Lena, Thanks a lot for agreing to help us this weekend looking after the flat. I'm sorry for writing you through this letter and not talk to you personally, since I and my wife are running out of time because of our honeymoon's travel. Anyway, here's the whole instructions required to keep things in order inside the house: 1) Don't forget to lock the main door and the windows in the evening in case you don't go out. There are shoplifters who want to take advantage of empty flats. 2) My wife's plants require one cup of water daily and under no circumstances shouldn't they leave without water more than 2 days. Otherwise they'd lose energy and die from thirst. 3) Please could you use the wash machine and clean its interior? The wash machine is a bit old and needs a convenient upkeeping. Besides the filter is filled up from the clothing's spots. 4) Would you mind turning off all the devices you're using after 9 o'clock in the evening and turning them on from 6 o'clock on? That's all. You'll help yourself to food in the fridge and the lower-drawers and the TV in the living room. Feel free to call or text us in case you've got any doubts or questions. See you briefly on Friday during the wedding's party to hand over the keys and looking forward to chat when we get back! Best regards Lothar and Scarlett