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Looking for a housemate

Single ensuite room available in our lovely three-bedroom house in Didsbury. Five-minute walk from city centre. Move in from 1 June. Shared kitchen and living room with two female housemates, no parking, £600 a month excluding bills. No pets. Contact 07890 123456 for viewing.


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Beginner: A1


Sorry, I don't prefer to share my house with anybody except my family, I can share it with my brothers, My cousin, My nephew, and so on.

I like beautiful Luxury house but Prefer a cheap house if i live Allon in the Future

I would rather live alone than share a house with other people. Even if I'd have to spend more money, it'd be worth it because I'd be buying my well-being. When you live alone, you feel free and chilled as you don't have to bother to ask people to clean or turn down the music. No need to wait ages for your turn to use the kitchen or the bathroom either, you can take your shower whenever it suits you and comfortably sit or lie on your couch in the living room watching your favourite movie all relaxed, no worry whatsoever.

I prefer to live alone in a flat

Sometimes I like to stay alone with natural beauty and seaside.
Sometimes stay with children is most significant for me.
Sometimes tour with children is the best memory of life.

First of all, I would like to thank BRITISH COUNCIL created this such group.

I prefer live alone because I more comfortable with myself and I really enjoy my days when I am alone.

I prefer live alone. It is more expensive then share. But I feel more comfortable myself.

I live with my siter, my mom and my grandmother. And I share the bedroom with my sister.

Yes I prefer share a house to others.