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A thank-you email

Learn how to write a thank-you email.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and tips and do the exercises.

Reading text


  1. Start with Hi if it is an informal email to someone you know.
  2. The email can have three main paragraphs:
    • the reason for writing (= to say thank you)
    • the main point (= more details or examples)
    • a wish or offer for the future.
  3. Use emojis (e.g. smiley) or emoticons (e.g. :) ) to show you’re joking.
  4. You can say See you soon / See you next year if you hope to meet again.
  5. Use a closing phrase like Keep in touch, Write soon, Speak soon or Take care.



Language level

Beginner: A1


From: Alexandra
To: Derek
Subject: Thanks

Hi Derek, I write you letter because I would like to say thank you for have me a dinner the last night. I had never eaten those dishes. Too, I love to visit places in the night, and more in the new places that I don't know.
I wish you the best and I hope you pass the finish exam as you wish. :D

See you next year, Kisses.
Let's keep in touch.

Hi John.
I want to say the thanks for receive me in your house. I had a good time in Australia, I love Sídney, I was very well in your big house. I remember the food and your art. I learned a lot of your culture and your animals. You have a nice family specially your mother, she is friendly. I hope to see you again. Thanks for everything.

From: zabiullah
To: Alex
subject: thanks for host
Hi Alex;
i would like to say thanks for invitation and host. we had an amizing and intersting time with each other i think it might be kept in our minds forever. also; when we went to sightseeing in the countryside it was fantastic places we enjoyed well. i never forget it. always your family and your nieghbours helped me to improve our language.
one thing i say if you want to come in my country i am always ready for helping and serveing.
stay in touch

yes. i would like to stay with host family in an english country. bxz they can help me to improve our language and knowledge also i know different calture. besides; i can exchange our ideas about different aspects such as; how to improve our educational systems, how to reduce poverty; how to manage water systems and how to create methods to make better government.

I just wanted to write and say thank you for everything.
You and your family are amazing hosts. I had a great time at your house.Thank you for making me feel at home.I'm sure my English improved a lot because of all your help.Also thanks for wonderful cooking you did. I realising that English food is not as bad as people said. If you ever come to France, I hope you will stay with me and I'll take you to all of wonderful places in my country.
Keep in touch. See you soon...

From: Ravi Rana
To: Arju Rana
subject : Thank you!!

Hi Arju,

I just wanted to write and say thank you for everything.

you and your family were amazing hosts.i had a great time at your house.Thank you for making me feel at home.I'm sure my English improved a lot because of all your help too! thank you for all the wonderful cooking you did. Now i can tell

everyone English food is not as bad as they say.

if you ever come to Karnal, I hope you will stay with me and I can show you my city too!

Keep in touch!


I would like to stay with a host family because I like be friends

I’d prefer to stay with a host family but not overnight. I’d have lunch, spend my day with the family then I’d leave before dinner and sleep in a hotel. After having me for whole day, they need to have a private family time.

Of course!! It is The nicest opportunity to learn about culture, language, food, customs, social aspects in that country and so on. I would like to travel to New Zeland, there are beautiful landscapes =)

if i stay with a host family i will not stay at night at the host family and try to understand the free time of them go for visiting amazing palace and have fun and learn important point of their culture.