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A thank-you email

Learn how to write a thank-you email.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and tips and do the exercises.

Reading text


  1. Start with Hi if it is an informal email to someone you know.
  2. The email can have three main paragraphs:
    • the reason for writing (= to say thank you)
    • the main point (= more details or examples)
    • a wish or offer for the future.
  3. Use emojis (e.g. smiley) or emoticons (e.g. :) ) to show you’re joking.
  4. You can say See you soon / See you next year if you hope to meet again.
  5. Use a closing phrase like Keep in touch, Write soon, Speak soon or Take care.



Language level

Beginner: A1


Yes, I would like to stay with a host family for a while if I travel to another country. That will help me to understand their culture beside improve my language.

Yes sure i would like to stay with family in new country. I would love to learn and see their culture like food,traditional clothes and songs. this will enrich my knowledge.

In task 1 last question answer is false according to your guideline, I think. Would you check it again.

Hello Mahfuzur Rahman

Yes, the sixth and last question in Task 1 is false. When I complete the exercise, it shows the correct answer as false. Do you see something different?

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

Hello Would you like to stay with a host family in a new country?

I would like to ask for your kind help to clarify the following information: is it possible and natural to use the phrase: examination room?

Thank you.

Van - from Vietnam

Hello langkhach,

Yes, it's certainly possible to use that phrase. It sounds perfectly normal to me.



The LearnEnglish Team

I think living with host family is best way to leran foreign language and new culture. It can be enjoyable if you 're personality is extrovert but can be hard for introvert person. Anyway It's good experience for evryone.

Hi Susan
I just want to write and say thank you for a couple of months at your house in SG.We become so close during this period..I would like to eat again delecious meals and chinese food prepared for me.If u come and visit to my country,mm,i will cook famous burmese dishes for you.And u can stay at my house as you wish.
Keep in Touch!!!
See you soon!

Hi Patrick Tu Ja
I just want to say thank to you and your family.
After i have no place to go, you welcome me as a family member. When i could not escape form my depression, you calm me down. Trading me like your brother make me feel strong again. And you have shown what the real friend to me.If i can go to the USA, I will show you my deepest love to you.
I hope our relationship will last forever.
Best wishes,
Bawk San Aung