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A thank-you email

Learn how to write a thank-you email.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and tips and do the exercises.

Reading text


  1. Start with Hi if it is an informal email to someone you know.
  2. The email can have three main paragraphs:
    • the reason for writing (= to say thank you)
    • the main point (= more details or examples)
    • a wish or offer for the future.
  3. Use emojis (e.g. smiley) or emoticons (e.g. :) ) to show you’re joking.
  4. You can say See you soon / See you next year if you hope to meet again.
  5. Use a closing phrase like Keep in touch, Write soon, Speak soon or Take care.



Language level

Beginner: A1


hi afaf,
i would like to thank you my wife to everything you did for me i really happy to having you in my life and home, ever i am far away thank you for everything.
please stay touch in i waiting a sms from you.
talk soon

Hi hamby

I just wanted to write and say thank you for having me a great vacation in your beautiful house. I really appreciate your attitude with a stranger guess who you don't know. As you know, I lose my baggage in airport and I feel very nervous because this is the first time I come to Brazil. Luckily, I met you and you invited me stay at your house. It's a very nice house with fresh air, sunny and many flowers. I feel really comfort here.

Take care


Yes, I would like to stay with a host family in a new country, because they can show me all of sights.

I would not like it, you might be not comfortable.

well, I am not sure about that, my family will not agree to stay with a family they do not know.

I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful dinner party.
You have a good hand in cooking. The food were delicious. You and your family were amazing host.
I hope you will give me an opportunity to test my country's food.
keep in touch

Hello Sova,

Just want to say thank you for having me at your lovely house last weekend.

It really was a very enjoyable time visiting London with you. Thank you for the wonderful arrangement. I also enjoyed so much talking with overnight and I love the dishes you had made. It was the best English dishes I had ever tied.

Thanks again. Tell you if you want to make a visit to Paris. Keep in touch!


Definitely yes, I'd like to stay in a host family if I study abroad. Though I have never been staying in a host family, I am sure it would be a great help on all sides if I start a new journey in a new country. It would be a wonderful time to experience the culture and custom. And it would be easier for me to study the local language and learn how to get along with local people.

I want to stay with a host family. It'll be a new experience for me. I'll discover their traditions and habits, and make new friendships.

Yes, I would like it. I hope when I will study my post grade in France, I can be with Lulu and Coco's host family.