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Vega, New York

Reviewed yesterday


Great mains, pity about the chips

Came for lunch with my sister. We loved our Thai-style mains which were amazing with lots of flavour, very impressive for a vegetarian restaurant.

But the service was below average and the chips were too terrible to finish.

When we arrived at 1.40, we had to wait 20 minutes while they got our table ready. OK, so we didn't have a reservation, but the restaurant was only half full. There was no reason to make us wait at all.

We ordered the chips as a side dish and they looked delicious. But, when we tasted them, they were overcooked and swimming in oil so we left most of them. We expected a lot more for $10!

When the waiter asked if everything was ok, we said we really didn't like the chips and he said 'That's funny, I love them' and that was it. He didn't offer us anything else or take them off our bill. Also, when we didn't leave a tip, he looked annoyed.

I was really excited about visiting Vega, and the mains were just fantastic, but the rest of the experience was really disappointing.


  1. Use an informal or semi-formal style.
  2. In the title, give the main idea or opinion.
  3. Write about the important parts of the experience, not every detail.
  4. Organise your ideas into paragraphs.
  5. Write about the good and the bad.
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Submitted by Ainash Gadekar on Tue, 23/06/2020 - 18:35

Prabhat Restaurant: Not a good experience. me and some of my friends decided to have dinner in restaurant, so we visited a nearby, Prabhat restaurant. Service was very poor. we were not attended by any waiter till we called them two-three times. the food was good enough but was not that great.

Submitted by Genaldo on Thu, 18/06/2020 - 14:50

My bad experience of meal was with a typical food called kebab. I was tired of a long trip and decided to eat sometthing near the hotel. Some restaurants were closed so had to eat in this restaurant. I only ate two slices of kebab because it was a strong flavour for me. I slept hungry.

Submitted by seito kaito on Wed, 17/06/2020 - 06:12

Chinatown foods When I was a junior high school student, I went to Chinatown with my friend. I had lunch at a Chinese restaurant. The restaurant was not very crowded, I entered it in about 5 minutes. The clerk was very responsive and a very kind person. I ordered ramen and fried rice. They looked delicious. But, when I tasted them, they were not very good. And I was surprised because the price was higher than ordinary ramen and fried rice. Also, the amount was small. so this restaurant was a little terrible. There are many restaurants in Chinatown. That is why I think it can be difficult to choose a restaurant. So I thought I should find out what kind of restaurant there is before going to Chinatown.

Submitted by Ayano on Wed, 17/06/2020 - 03:17

I had eaten bad meal but then I was a child, so I think I didn’t like this. Then I’ll try to write review of this bad meal. Great main dish, unique soup I forgot some information about the name of restaurant and the place because I’ve gone to the restaurant with my family when I was a child. However, I have things that I remember. There is many antique furniture, shelf, mirror, tables, and chairs. Also, there are many unique pictures of clown. They are a little scary because they are smiling oddly, and I couldn’t watch for a long time. In this way, this restaurant is a little different, but I think it is good point and interesting thing. Furthermore, I was served from salad to dessert, but most of dishes are quite delicious. But there was only bad one. That is soup. It looks like egg soup and I thought it looked delicious. However, the idea was changed when I smelled of this soup. It had a smell such like a cigarette. Also, when I ate this soup, it was tasted a cigarette. I hate the smell of cigarette, so I was surprised at the thing happened in front of me. I took time to eat it because I didn’t leave all dishes. This restaurant is nice for me because waitresses were also wonderful. Therefore, I want to go there again if soup smell is changed.

Submitted by senes19 on Mon, 08/06/2020 - 20:05

Yes, unfortunately I have some bad experience about the restaurants. Last of them was very terrible. I have ordered steak. It arrived fastly. We were surprised. Because it should be at least 20 min in the oven or pan. Only in ten minutes it was ready. But it wasn't properly cooked. Also blood was dripping from the flesh. As if the cow was living. By the way my wife is vegetarian and we were together. She hasn't eaten anything during the nights. Waitress was sincerely and helpfully. He was innocent. But anymore we didn't prefer and offered this place.

Submitted by Miyu on Wed, 03/06/2020 - 16:25

Hotel’s restaurant in Japan Reviewed yesterday Good fine food, other side dishes were subtle I stayed at the hotel in Japan several years ago. I had a dinner with my family at a restaurant in the hotel in the first day evening. The restaurant was buffet style, so I was looking forward to being served many foods that taste excellent. When I took some foods, the color and cooked conditions were seemed to be good and I became to eat them earlier, but, after I ate them, I found it was not delicious except of roast beef. Roast beef were delicious enough not tricking the appearance. However, the tastes of other side dishes like fried chicken or kinds of Chinese food were not delicious so much and made my stomach upset. On the other hand, fresh fruits and jellies were just good to finish dinner. I was happy that I was able to eat a full stomach. I was also excited selecting foods from many kinds of dishes while walking around, but I thought it was a shame that many side dishes were not worth the money.

Submitted by Riko Sasajima on Wed, 03/06/2020 - 08:00

Tosho daihannten, Saitama Japan Came for lunch with my family. My grandfather loved china dishes. So, we visit there to celebrate his birthday. Exterior wall of it seemed to high quality and take costs a lot. It looks like China town in yokohama. I enjoyed luxurious atmosphere. However, the service and clerk were terrible. And I remember we paid a lot. Even though my sister dropped a cup of water, clerk seemed not to help us. I surprised. When manager found this situation, we apologized to him a lot. Moreover, I felt dishes was too spicy. We ordered spring roll, spicy Chinese dish of tofu and ground meat and so, on and shared them. Because I was nine years old at that time, I couldn’t eat them without water. Before I visited, I had seen its building many time. I was really looking for visiting there from its exterior wall. However, inside of it was disappointed. Only atmosphere of restaurant was good. I recommend you to visit cheaper Chinese restaurant such as Hidakaya. I think the important point of restaurant is customers feels comfortable. In short, restaurant that we don’t have to worry about cost is loved by everyone forever.

Submitted by phongtrinh2111 on Tue, 02/06/2020 - 16:12

The best-cheapest street food ever in Saigon. If you have ever heard about street food, Saigon would be the best place for crushing it. There was a small fried noodle stand on the pavement of District 4. The street was not having many people hanging around but the noodle stand was the crowded one. The chef was an old woman. Oppose to her age, she can make a very delicious dishes which can cheer everyone up. The service was very fast, the food was available within 10 minutes after it was ordered. The dish arrived hotly and attractive. The smell was so great that I can wait no more to grab the chopsticks. When you look at the dish, I could swear that this dish can compete worldwide with many famous high-class restaurant. Then, yummy! I have enjoyed it every second with every bite. At the end of the day, I vote 5 stars for the old lady. If my mom is the best chef then she might be the second or the third.

Submitted by grando99521 on Mon, 01/06/2020 - 11:21

Kenji Japanese Restaurant - The best in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne Coming here has become a regular thing. I am quite fond of their sushi and sashimi, which are extraordinary and remarkably fresh. This time I decided to try something new, their signature Unadon Box. The dish took about 15 minutes to arrive, I would say it was a little bit slow, however, it could not stop me from giving my truest compliments and appreciation to them. Two pieces of roasted juicy eel with rich gravy on Japanese steamed rice, also comes with a small size of salad, five species of crispy tempuras and tofu, what more do you expect for a $20 dollars lunch box. It tasted really good, I would definitely come back for more and go through their menus entirely and see if they could surprise me again. The service was reasonable and no one would ask for tips and its all voluntary. The vibe of the place was clean, quiet and traditional. It was a fantastic experience.

Submitted by JuanManuelLopezGil on Mon, 20/04/2020 - 22:29

Oh yeah! In Valletta, Malta, my girlfriend and me ordered us a burger with chips but its flavour was very bad. We do not have any problem with a bad dish but if this is cheap but if is expensive like as this, we indignant us a lot: its price was €20. We will never forget it and do not come back again at that restaurant.

Submitted by SANDRA YINNET on Sat, 18/04/2020 - 17:35

The Champion In Bogotá-Colombia where we living with my family, often went a this restaurant because the food was excellent in taste and presentation and your price was inside the comparasion between the cost and benefit, but la last visit was terrible we don't knew and the ownwer had changed so all changed; the food, the service and the price. In my case, I loved eat salmon with shrimp but my dish was horrible the fish was frozen still when when they passed it to the table your taste was unpleasant and the portions giants. We will not go back to that place

Submitted by JuanManuelLopezGil on Mon, 20/04/2020 - 22:33

In reply to by SANDRA YINNET

Bogotá is a cold and expensive city but has good things...few but worth it, you know it!

Submitted by Nova on Thu, 16/04/2020 - 18:16

Bubble Tea Shop My friend and i tried bubble tea at this shop.The staffs was not interested their job.They was talked loudly each other.We make the order and taked away.But we had paid for service actually the didn't serve anything. Bubble tea is delicious and so nice.

Submitted by World Vegan on Wed, 15/04/2020 - 08:06

Loving Hut/ Taipei Flavored dishe, safe social distancing The Laksa is my recommendation if you prefer strongly flavored dishes. It is a little bit hot and extremely fragrant and creamy. They offer a variety of choices for adding protein to your main: organic tofu, vegan mock meat (made in their own factory) or handmade fried tofu balls. I feel quite safe eating here during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis because its space is large enough for social distancing.

Submitted by Cotufa84 on Tue, 07/04/2020 - 16:25

Yes, I had bad meal in a restaurant. My friends and I went to a restaurant in Madrid downtown. The restaurant is in the roof of a historical building, it has an excellent vies of the city and its decorations si really fantastic, all pictures made in it are beautiful. the problem is its service, the waiters aren't in sync. Our dishes arrived bad and late.

Submitted by Zhansaya (not verified) on Thu, 02/04/2020 - 08:22

The cafeteria of business class. My Classmate and I decided to go to the cafe near our the College. The staff weren't gaves us a warm welcome because they were busy and tired due to the customers which werent polite with them.Then we reserved the table and ordered the pasta and cakes , also grape juice. The food cooked about 20 minutes and we waited 20min. When the food arrived to our table the pasta was hot and due to the hot pasta we waited 5 minutes again while the pasta cool down. But the pasta was so delicious and cakes were so yummy. We just enjoyed these foods and juice. Finally, the bill for both of us came to approximately 4500tenge (KZT). The dishes in the cafe weren't so expensive and the cafe was so comfortable for us. We liked it. Zhansaya

Submitted by Carlos Jair on Wed, 25/03/2020 - 22:11

Today I studied the grammar of speech forms directly and indirectly. I also saw the way "as and like" is used and learned how to make comparisons or give examples.

Submitted by Magedelabd on Mon, 16/03/2020 - 16:08

Yes I had a bad meal in a street resturant long time ago . It was selling a coocked liver . It trasty so dab and also nasty.

Submitted by Nikolaos Stavr… on Sun, 08/03/2020 - 09:52

Hello, I went once to a restaurant and I had a bad experience. The main dishes were very salty and very oily. The waiter was not very polite and the manager of the restaurant was also very rude. Finally, the food was very expensive. I wouldn't go there again. Nikolaos

Submitted by Nikolaos Stavr… on Sun, 08/03/2020 - 09:18

Hi ! Could you tell me, please the expression mains is that American? As far as I know in the UK people say main dishes. English people are using a lot the expression, switch off at the mains ( electricity) Thank you Nikolaos

Submitted by Kirk on Sun, 08/03/2020 - 09:59

In reply to by Nikolaos Stavr…


Hello again Nikolaos

When the reviewer says 'mains', it is an informal way of saying 'main dishes'. I lived in the US for many years, and I don't think I ever heard anyone there says 'mains' in this way. This and the fact that the reviewer speaks of 'chips' (where Americans would say 'fries') makes it quite clear the reviewer is British.

In context, some Americans might understand 'mains' to mean the electricity, but I think most would not. In American English the most common words for this are 'power' and 'electricity'.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

Submitted by jazmin marquez on Thu, 05/03/2020 - 23:56

Yes, I had a bad meal in a restaurant. Last year, my boyfriend and I went to a very striking restaurant. We went because I had insisted on its decoration, which I thought was the house of Dragon Ball Z. To our surprise, the food was really fresh and the waiter was terrible. We ordered a plate of sushi and rice with vegetables. The sushi had no flavor and the rice was swimming in oil. We waited a long time after eating, but the waiter never brought the drinks. We didn't have to wait for a table because the restaurant was empty, now I understand why.

Submitted by Elius Hossain on Sun, 23/02/2020 - 06:15

Externally fantastic, internally not Me and one of my friends went for dinnar by viewing excellent review from online about 'X' restuarant. But, restaurant meals were not up to the mark especially 'mutton curry'. Planned for dinnar with my friend. We searched restuarants via online and got one named 'X' restuarant. Review was good enough. Moreover, there website was so amazing to attract anyone. The mains were fantastic and well-pictured. Came at 9:00 pm and got a quick reservation though there was a crowady environment. A waiter surved our foods. We started tasting the food and found 'mutton curry' undercooked and oily. Furthermore, salad was not provided. We tried to make attention to the waiter a couple of times while he was busy with another reservation. My friend got annoyed for such a bad service. We didn't eat fully. The waiter came here for taking bill off and we gave the bill without leaving a tip. The waiter looked unhappy. Expecting a great dinner, we got a bad one.

Submitted by huyentran on Mon, 17/02/2020 - 01:57

I had a bad meal during my trip to Thailand. it was the first day I went to Thailand and when I arrived at the hotel it was night so I decided to have dinner at the hotel. but their food is bad, I don't know because I'm not used to their food or their food is bad but that made me very disappointed in the first place. On the other hand, it's very expensive

Submitted by shahhoseini on Sat, 15/02/2020 - 18:59

As far as I can remember, I haven't experienced this situation, so far.

Submitted by Vika Demina on Tue, 11/02/2020 - 04:14

Month ago I was in Chinese restaurant in Moscow. Usually when I come to similar restaurant I prefer to order tom yam. Its a real quest for me to find a good tom yam in Moscow. After 30 minutes waiting for my meal, waiter brought me something looked like a chicken bouillon with one or two squid rings floating in it. No shrimps, no mushrooms, no chili pepper, for a second it seemed to me like it was soup from the hospital for diabetics. As a result, on that day I was very upset and hungry.

Submitted by conejo on Tue, 04/02/2020 - 02:42

We have had a bad experience in a local restaurant near my house, which was the best option for sundays in the past. However today this restaurant is the worst of the Block because the food is oily, burnt and Cold.

Submitted by hungrymoon on Mon, 13/01/2020 - 14:11

Ok so. Let's review Beykoz. Probably you hear the name Beykoz, but this restaurant is not that one. Near Mogan lake, this restaurant is above average which come to mind with excellent service and steaks. In fact Beykoz is not only a restaurant that you can find good steak but also excellent drinking. I think that if you want to drink some alcoholic drinking, the restaurant has to a good view. Otherwise, what other thing could differ any restaurant than the others? No such a restaurant you may find in Ankara. Anyway, as I mentioned above, If you want to eat some delicious steak and drink wine or Turkish raki, this option must be one of the favourites.

Submitted by gzacharias on Fri, 22/11/2019 - 16:18

Yes, I´ve already had a bad meal in a restaurant. It was in Spain, 2007. My wife and I went to a restaurant, a beautiful one, but right before our food arrive, a person at the table next to us started smoking. The smell was terrible and we could not move to another chair, because it was full and it was allowed to smoke everywhere. Since then, we have always been looking for non-smoking restaurants

Submitted by cittàutopica on Fri, 25/10/2019 - 19:18

It's one of my hobbies to visit restaurants and to write the reviews, which I send to a website, where people concerned can find out about the best and the worst restaurants. It might happen that expectation could not be confirmed in some restaurants, of course. This can concern the meal or the service or the bill.

Submitted by gicandrade on Wed, 23/10/2019 - 09:17

Last week, my friend and I went to the most famous coffee in the city, Bangaloos. I waited a long time to go there, because I never had time. When we arrived there, we saw that the coffee wasn’t full and had the delicious croissants. Hummm, I thought. I was so excited about the idea that I didn´t see what was happening around me. A group of guys were spoke and laughed out loud that we didn’t got to listen each other. It was a terrible experience. I did’t to enjoy the moment. I was so said and angry at the situation that I went out. I couldn’t get to eat my croissants. Besides that, I forgot my bag on the chair. When I came to the coffee, I ask for my bag to the waiters and he said that he hadn’t seen it. I left and tried to forget the terrible experience. I still think about it today and promised to me that I won’t be back in that place anymore.

Submitted by LilianaGomez on Tue, 27/08/2019 - 13:57

Last Sunday my friend and I passed by a coffee shop which offered burgers. We were tired for walking so much that we decided to come in there. The building looked new and modern and many people were inside. We chose a table outside and ordered 2 special burgers from the menu. Meal were a bit expensive but their description was fantastic. But after we've waited for 20 minutes, the waiter bringed us 2 small and cold burgers cooked in microwave (In my country burger is cooked over a broil) My burger was frozen in the middle. Food resulted tasteless and expensive. We'll never come back there.

Submitted by popo1011 on Sat, 17/08/2019 - 10:11

The last Tuesday, I and my friends went to a cafe shop to say goodbye to one friend of ours, she will go to Tajikistan, there was an approximately good service, we ordered banana, chocolate shake, and ice cream, there was about 20 min to ready. The quality of them was not bad. whatever we enjoyed. finally, we appreciate them.

Submitted by Amily on Tue, 13/08/2019 - 10:36

I never had a terrible meal in a restaurant so far.

Submitted by matinmoghaddam on Wed, 17/07/2019 - 07:48

We spent our weekend in a little lovely cafe in west of Tehran, which name is Yeke Tehroon. It means The No.1 of Tehran. The Environment and Design was so Modern and They also had a place to have your food outside. You could smoke on that place too. We ordered 2 kinds of sandwiches and a smoky burger for main course and a Special kind of French fries for starter. It took about 20 minutes to bring Starter that is too long for a single French fries. But that was Delicious though. It was Cooked well with appropriate spices and bacon on it. But Our sandwiches was not as we expected. the Burger meat was not marinated well, so it tasted a little strange and wasn't what we were waiting for. but the sandwiches which name were Bologna Sandwich were good enough. We enjoyed it but they shouldn't expect us to try that on more time. but if you are interested in having your meal in sidewalk and in lovely cafe you can try it. Otherwise there are too many better choice around you.

Submitted by amricolita on Wed, 05/06/2019 - 16:39

Two days ago I visited Three Tun Tavern in co. Dublin, Ireland. First time I made an order using special app. you need to point a number of you table and make an order. You can pay using app too. I ordered chicken baguette with salad and tea (it's free and free refiles). Service was enough quickly. Chicken baguette was tasty and salad was fresh. I'd like to visit this place again.

Submitted by Ol4ik on Fri, 31/05/2019 - 12:43

So interesting stories about difference restaurants! I have one, too. One day my husband and I went to the new restaurant, that has just opened near my work. We ordered stakes and dessert made of chocolate. Stakes were fantastic, but, unfortunately, I found a peace of glass or may be plastic in my dessert. I was shocked and ask to a water explain how it could happened. He brought for me a new plate with dessert and assure me that it was a peace of plastic container, when had been kept dessert. So they didn't take it off the bill.

Submitted by taylanke on Thu, 23/05/2019 - 11:32

I have been leaving in London for two months, Our first week we meet some friends here, they know here so they suggest us to go Franco Manca for pizza eating. I and my partner, we really like pizza i mean not pizza which is served in Franco Manca :D they service is okey especially the waitress looks friendly but their pizza ingredients is very poor :( you ordered mozzarella pizza they brink you bread which is painting with mozzarellas :D

Submitted by smell08 on Thu, 16/05/2019 - 09:59

xxxx restaurant ★★☆☆☆ Reasonable mains, tasteless about drink and service. I went for lunch with my room mates at the restaurant. When we pass by, a staff have promoted the restaurant. So We decided to go there. At that time, there were promotion e.g we can buy set menus that include one main and one drink at reasonable price. I ordered Set B. When the menu comes out, drink was weired. It's like pure water or juice include fruit syrup. It was tasteless. I regret to order set B. But main dish is so delicious and big portion. After leaving, we requested bills. By the way, although 20mins passed, the staff didn't come. As time went by, it's getting annoying. We give up wating and went to counter. They didn't apologise and say anything. That's all. I have to spend my lunch time to free time when only few people were there!.
xxxx restaurant ★★☆☆☆ Reasonable price, tasteless drink and poor service. I went for lunch with my roommates at this restaurant. A staff was promoting the restaurant when we passed by . So we decided to go there. The promoter mentioned that we could buy set menus that included one main course and one drink at a reasonable price. I ordered Set B. When the meals arrived, the first thing I noticed was that the drink tasted weird. It was supposed to taste like red bean but I only tasted plain water. I regretted ordering set B. But the main dish was so delicious and in a big portion. Before leaving, we wanted to request for our bill. However, after 20 minutes of waiting, the staff still did not show up. It was annoying. We gave up waiting and simply went to the counter instead. They did not apologise at all or even said anything. I think we wasted a lot of time during this lunch!

Submitted by eleni kouloutzou on Thu, 18/04/2019 - 17:48

Nice atmosphere , delicious dishes Yesterday , me and my colleques decided to visit the Restayrant "Avyssinia" in the centre of Athens. On the upper floor we had a wonderful view of Acropole. Our friends from Switzerland were very excited . We ordered a variety of meditteranian dishes and they all were fantastic. The house wine was average but not bud at all. The service was really good and we left a generous tip. I really am looking forward to visit tha place again.

Submitted by Núria VC on Tue, 09/04/2019 - 16:05

I didn't expected My boyfriend and I like to try news restaurants, foods, drinks etc. In the order hand we have our prefer sites to go. Its name is "Fooster's hollywood". It is a chain of restaurants and there are some in my region. There is one near our village. We go there early to dinner because all is quick: to make the order, the food comes quickly,etc obviously. Well, the last time we went was disappointing. First of all, the waiter who assists the clients it is the same who take the orders. So, we make the order. And the pass of time, we see that the others clients (who came later than us) have their dishes. So, I talk with the waiter and quickly he brings our dishes, but not like we wanted, I mean, the meat wasn't cooked like we had ordered. He brings all dishes at the same time, but we asked the start an order for the dishes. We complained, and it iwas the first time that I did something like this! At the end, for our surprise, in the bill they made a discount....

Submitted by Hayam30 on Sat, 30/03/2019 - 16:43

Yes ofcourse , it was the worest , when me and my friend went to chilis to had a dinner at friday night , we both ordered a fried chicken with red sauce and drinks , chic ken was overcooked , very spicy , the waiter was so late untile he got us the order , i liked the drink but the mains was so bad also the service , we paid by credit card so no tips and the waiter seemed to be annoyed ..

Submitted by Esra KG on Thu, 14/03/2019 - 09:23

I like eating out. Tasting different dishes and enjoy the meal without the hassle of cooking and cleaning. My latest restaurant experience was moderate though. I went to the lokal breakfast and lunch restaurant with my friend. It is a nice but small place. The waitress led us to a pleasant table and served with a nice smile on her face. We ordered an omlette and a sandwich, both were good. And served in a short time. Price was sensible, thankfully tip was included as well. Sometimes I find it hard to decide how much it should be. The only negative part of our lunch was the restaurant being so crowded and noisy we couldn't hear each other and discuss about the topic which was the reason of our lunch meeting. I think the management can use some soft background music which could motivate people to speak less loud. And maybe some sound absorbing decorative objects.

Submitted by Azzarine on Wed, 13/03/2019 - 09:41

I didn't go in restaurants, not often, but sometimes the wait is very too long and the waiters can't even give us some bread or something to help with waiting because it'll be on our bill. In France, it's rare to let tip for the waiters, or sometimes it's 2 or 5 euros, not more. I'm aware that is some countries, the tip is about 10% of the bill, sometimes more.

Submitted by cadu on Tue, 12/03/2019 - 10:42

I had meals differents that I expected. In some cases some expensive or with poor flavors. In general the restaurants are good places but in some cases needs to adjust the model of operation. It not only refer to the food but all the experience like the table accommodation, the prices, the hole experience and the service. Finally if the food is the best you come back always.

Submitted by Murali Manohar… on Sat, 09/03/2019 - 16:43

Hi I liked the exercise & it seems very easy.

Submitted by Galletta87 on Fri, 08/03/2019 - 12:25

Yes, in my last work break I did not have a great dinner experience. Despite the reservation we sat down after 30 minutes. There was an excessive confusion between staff and customers. But after all we ate well. The waiter was wrong to bring the wine, but he solved the problem. the bill was cheap.

Submitted by spacekantor on Fri, 08/03/2019 - 07:05

It was in 2015 when I had just moved into Bandung. I needed to find a suitable and quiet place to start working on my deadline. unaware of Bandung's heavy traffic jammed, I got lost between Cihampelas Street and found myself starving that I hadn't eaten anything before left the house. So this is a unique cafe called "Tous Les Jours" interested to me. I was quite impressed with the design and how fast their waitress worked were. It only took about 1 minute to get my order served. The dishes they offered were delicious. Although I didn't sure where those come from but from the looks it maybe had "Arabian Sauce" on it. I eat rapidly for I must get back to the office before noon. I was about paying my bill when a waitress told me that I actually "the hundredth" customers of their cafe so, I got released to pay any bills. Wow. That was insane and I couldn't help myself but smiling all day back in the office.