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Learn how to write posts on an online forum.

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Reading text


Can you believe it? Someone in another group asked me to write some pages of their website in English and French. But they can't pay because 'I'm starting this business with no money.' He said he's a professional photographer and he can do some photos for me instead. Am I wrong to be angry?


Nope! I’d be angry too


I can't help but here's the link to a friend's website. He is a French–English writer and translator


Er … asking people to work for free … not cool!


^^^ This!


Oops! I thought you were looking for someone. Sorry for the misunderstanding smiley


I can't pay my rent with photographs, sorry




True, but professional photos cost a lot of money, especially if you're getting married. Sorry I don't speak French or I would do it cheeky


Here's a link to his photography if anyone wants the job As you can see the website needs some work … wink


@Mylo45 Maybe, but people always ask writers to work for free #PayMe


Yep, if I need photos OK but I prefer to get paid with money


1. Writing in online forums is more like speaking.

2. You don’t have to put full stops (.) at the end of sentences.

3. Use ^^^ to show you’re talking about the post above yours.

4. Use @ and a person’s name to show clearly who you’re replying to.

5. You can use emojis.  cool

6. Stay calm and be polite. Some people get angry in online discussions but try to avoid that.



Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


Yes, I join in many discussion forum because I can learn their opinion and I can know what they think the problem. If I am lucky, I can get help from them. So, I like discussion forum.

no, not a lot i only join if it suits my interests e.g reading

I like to join forums and make communication with people because it helps me to learn more and make some new friends. it is important to br polite nad respect other's ideas and opinion.

oh I used to take part in the forum like this, but the shape is pretty different, it is more likely to group chat. It's very good if people keep polite while chatting.

I am used to participating in online discussion forum, from others opinion I can learn their viewpoint and express my standpoint. Besides it is a good opportunity for me to improve my writing skill and change my thought about some stuff. Our living circumstance is changing everyday, we need to open our mind to learn more from other people, other culture, even their advanced technology

i sometimes participate in the forums in the issue like education self development business and some interesting issues i presenting my thoughts politely also i believe the main value of this conversation to know the opinions of others not for wine in the discussion i found some people attack anyone have different thoughts also speak impolitely
i try to avoid those guys and end the discussion with them

I only join in the discussion forums that I'm really interested in the post's topics like topical issues about national politics, education, economics, health, traffic, or lifestyle. I like to read positive, polite, funny comments of forum participants. Sometimes, If I disagreed with somebody's comment, I would have polite feedback to express my opinions.

I rarely participate in the discussion forums because people are generally very intolerant and I don't like it. All owners of the truth

Telling the truth I join many discussion forums. Why? Because I like to discuss something with other people. Like to share my opinion and read about what other people think (not all, of course, but well ...))
I'm taking part in our most popular Formula-1 community, write posts, comments, jokes, or memes. I also a member of a few football fan groups on Facebook. I'm ashamed to say it but as my favorite club is playing awful recently I can't stay calm and polite in my comments ... sorry ))
I'm also a bookworm, if you know what I mean. So I often read and write about books in some thematic Facebook groups. And I love it

I have participated in many discussion forums. For example, in high school and university classes, I talked with my classmates and sometimes professors. This is something that happens on a daily basis, but the unusual and impressive conversation is a group discussion held during high school and university entrance exams. It's not an interview.This was an exam to see how much cooperation and leadership I had .I think that the group discussion is also a place where I can present my thoughts and listen to other people's opinions, incorporate them and broaden my horizons.
I think it would be better to gather opinions from various people. I think this will be necessary not only within the university but also in the future for group discussions. Coronavirus has now led to online classes and avoided face-to-face classes. In online classes, I could talk through video calls, but I thought I could talk more about what I wanted to talk about if I met him in person. So, I want to come to a conclusion and have a group discussion in person.