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The purpose of an Essay is to demonstrate or develop the ability to construct a coherent argument and employ critical thinking skills.


Hi Sipi85

Further to Peter M's explanation, the main difference between the two statements is that 1) "he will" confirms that the event will occur; however, no specific date or time is mentioned. He may even fly earlier!
Whereas, 2) "is flying" is more appropriate when we know more specific details as to "when something is going to happen" In this case "he is flying" to Singapore on (Specific date)

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Hello SipiJ85,

Both are correct sentences. Which is appropriate depends upon the context and the intention of the speaker. You can see how each of these forms ('will' and the present continuous) is used on our pages dealing with future meaning:

talking about the future

future plans


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The LearnEnglish Team

hello..i'm yatini, student from Indonesia. I'm trying hard to make an essay for applaying scholarship program. could you tell how to make good wariting? thank you..

Hello Yatini,

I'm afraid we don't have any pages that specialise in scholarship applications, but if you do an internet for 'international student scholarship essay', I'm sure you will find lots of useful pages.

If the scholarship you are applying for is to study in the UK, then I'd also suggest looking at TakeIELTS.

Good luck!

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The LearnEnglish Team

I have a question:
Which Genre Family should the SAT essay be in?
(The SAT essay requires the students to analyse how the author uses evidence to add power to the ideas expressed.)

Hello Nhat Ngo,

I would say that matches quite closely to description of 'essay' given here.


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Hi this is Arun
I have completed my IMI and EVI course @BC and its glad to be back !
I wonder if i can get some help with ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY like the structure of essay and details to be included .....and all of those stuffs :)

Hello Arun,

Great! I'd suggest you start with the Structure 1 page, specifically either the exposition or discussion organisations that are suggested in the chart. You might also find the for and against essay page on LETeens and the Purdue Online Writing Lab's page on argumentative essays useful.

All the best,
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hello could you help me in the wrong this essay.
The girls and women make half of society and they could make better society with capability.
In society every person has a roll, when everybody doing his work good the society improves. Women are parts of human body. The human body is faulty without women. When we could not use of the capacity of women, we abdicate the society of half of his ability. For example we could had many more women like Emmy Noether in word, but we could not provide the base of improvement of girls in word. We read to the essay The Future of STEM in the Hands of Girls "A study conducted for the L’Oreal Foundation and published in September 2015 reports that approximately 67% of the Europeans surveyed, including women, believe that women do not have the abilities necessary for making a career in science. More than half of the responders believe, further, that women have no interest in science". We must change our thought ratio to capacity of women in science.
Families should provide basis education for girls until they could promotion in science. Families are basic of every society, and they make activity person and scholarly. Therefore parents must very notice to education of his girls. The teach of girls is important of boys because the girls one day will be mother and she must teach her children. "We must generate strategies to motivate girls towards science and help young female scientists to persist in the face of barriers on the difficult path to high-level scientific positions. Remembering women scientists and including them in our textbooks is important for our target of a truly equal society".

Hello shahdadamri,

This is a nice essay, but I'm afraid we don't offer the service of correcting users' writing, as we are simply too small a team with too much work to be able to do this. I will make one quick comment, however: check the word 'roll' in the dictionary, as it is not the word you mean (try 'role' instead).

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team