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Event Recounts

The purpose of an Event Recount is to demonstrate or develop awareness of motives and/or behaviour in individuals.


I want to write a reflection of what I have learnt in an online course related to ECE and to include it in my portfolio, the sole purpose of this is to make an employer see that I do have knowledge about the said topic of the course.
Because I won't be issued a certificate ,I have to write the reflection of my study for this course.
I want to ask you that what can be a suitable title of this reflective writing so that I can name it properly when I will add it in my portfolio? Should I call it a 'reflection paper' or a 'synopsis' or an 'abstract'?

Hello sid ember,

From what you describe, it sounds more like a 'Reflection' than a 'Synopsis' or 'Abstract', though I'd really have to know more to be able to answer with full confidence. Why don't you ask your teacher what they think?

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team