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The purpose of a Proposal is to demonstrate or develop ability to make a case for future action.


Hi Kirk, I have the same domande as Laili two years ago. Today, have you finish the development of the new section of your website where it will be possible to connect with others? Thanks. BR. Prosper

Hello Prosper,

At the moment we are concentrating on adding new material to the site and improving its accessibility on certain mobile devices. Whether or not we will add the kind of section you describe I can't say but we have no immediate plans at the moment.

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Hi LearnEnglish....
I want to practice my writing skill but, so far I have not found yet a feature here to practice. I mean, a feature where I can practice writing and get feedback.
Secondly, how can I communicate with other members of LearnEnglish? I think it will be very helpful to improve my English.

Hi Laili,
We would be happy to be able to give our users individualized feedback on their writing, but unfortunately we just don't have the time or staff to do that. Perhaps you could find a teacher where you live who could help you with that?
Communicating with other users of LearnEnglish is also a great idea. We plan to create a section of our website where you can connect with others, but unfortunately it is still under development.
In the meantime, you can respond to other users in the comment sections, just as I am responding to you now. We review all comments that are submitted before publishing them, so it will take a few hours or perhaps even a day before your responses to each other are published, but you can carry on a conversation this way. Writing for a Purpose is a relatively new section of your website, so if you don't find other users who respond to your comments, please check other parts of LearnEnglish. For example, in the Magazine, Big City Small World and Word on the Street, you'll find plenty of other users who are eager to communicate with you.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team