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Writing for Medicine

If you are studying medicine and need to write assignments, essays, etc., then these pages can help!

Medical professionals

Medicine is an applied science devoted to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human diseases and injuries. In addition to studying the relevant parts of disciplines such as the biological sciences and chemistry, students of medicine learn to administer treatments such as surgery and prescription of pharmaceuticals.

To write assignments about medicine, the first thing you need to know is the vocabulary. We've analysed high-scoring student assignments to find the words that are used most often. For exercises about vocabulary related to medicine go to this page:

Medicine Vocabulary

Secondly, and most importantly, you will need to learn how to write certain types of assignments ('genres'). In medicine, you will probably write case studies, where you demonstrate understanding of a real-life situation. 

Each of these genres has an individual style you will need to learn. If you're short of time, you can go directly to the pages about case studies, but we recommend you start at the beginning of 'Writing for a Purpose' and work through all of it. 

If you read all the materials, you'll be better able to identify what sort of assignment you have to write – your tutor usually won't tell you. Also, not all medicine courses are the same and they might include assignments that aren't case studies.