Sammy and Julia are happy to go shopping together. What could possibly go wrong?



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Beginner: A1
Elementary: A2


in video
if i shere for cashpoint i will use my hand not one finger

Why did they left their places in sametime ?
It's very strange.

I went to the beach a few years ago t meet my boyfriend. He was on vacation and I went to visit him. I didn’t know this beach and my bus was very late. When I arrived I didn’t find him. I was worried because there were many people and I didn’t know where he lived. So, I called him and explained where I was.

It's not difficult to find people in a public place thanks to mobile phone. It's very important to give them exactly information about my position, so I often describe the place and I choose an important thing that I see there.

Thanks for giving me a chance of practice.

Thanks for giving me a chance of practice.
No it didn't happen to me yet.

hi everyone
well yes I think something wrong with the website at the moment hope they will fix it soon

well not easy to give direction to someone that he waiting for you in the airport or city center or a busy area.
all what can I say that we can give direction or signs to find the person that he looks for you or you are looking for him.

I got difficult to find the new place. I have lost many times. What I usually do is just going to center information.

Nowadays that we all have mobile phones, it's a little easier to find someone than the past. Mainly we can meet each other at the specific spot like a coffee shop. Sammy and Julia should have said the floor number first in this movie.