Sammy and Julia are happy to go shopping together. What could possibly go wrong?



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ussualy if i get difficult to find the street , i always wear GPS to look for the street

Yes, I have been of this situation, but the only solution was of call that person .

Yes, then I must call him from my cell phone

good information...!

if I have the same situation, directly i do phone call and I'll stop in the one place.

yes! I had a hard time in the subway of Mexico city. There's no cell signal but my baby begans to cry, the she listen my baby and go to the right direction and see me :)

Normally it is no easy to find someone in the public. Sometime there is a problem af undestanding due to the noisy. So I used to give indication by sms or I stand in a place well known

I had trouble finding a friend at the park, we did not find each other and finally decided to meet again at home

the situation often happen to me of the dressing room. When I call the person I give him appointment in checkout or outside the store.

Have you ever had a hard time finding someone in a public place? How did you find them?

Yes, I have. I call them and I say a specific place to go. And I find someone at there.