Sammy and Julia are happy to go shopping together. What could possibly go wrong?



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while I was little I was lost in bazaar. When ı turned back I couldnt see my mom
I was scared I didnt know where ı go. Just walked then ı saw aunt and hugged her

Finding someone in whatever place is very easy if the information is clear. In the opposite is very too hard. It's very important gives the excatly address.

Yes, i had.
I call them, and ask them to give me the directions

Yes, always when we do shoping with my wife, she disapears. When I lose her, I stop and wait for her to appear. :)

Always I fall into this problem, just make a call.

when I in the first year on University , I went to the new city, It named Quy Nhơn , I so very excited and I wanted to find more beautiful things :shopping mall, park, movie theater. and I go and go until I feel where I am here. I arrived too far from the center of the city . Fortunetly I brought my phone, I just need to check google map, And I can come back my school


Nowadays, I think it's hard to missed myself in place, because we have a lot of technologies which can help us to find someone or someplace. Even in a Mall we have technologies to find department or hall by devices and apps. Some Malls here in Brazil has these apps which I can download and use inside of a Mall or just ask to someone.

Why can't I downloaded the videos like the audios? I want some of the videos to teach English to my students.

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I'm afraid there are technical and legal reasons for this. Some of our videos are produced in collaboration with other organisations such as the BBC, which means that there are issues related to copyright involved.


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