UK Culture: Student Money

Are you a student living away from home? Do you find yourself living on a tight budget? Listen to these UK students and find out their top tips for saving money.

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Task 1

Put the experiences and tips about student money in the order you hear them.




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Hi everyone. It’s very good thesis, inspire me to share with you my study life. My faculty was in the city far away from my home and have to live in boarding school. You don’t mind about rents, housekeepers and losing accommodation, all costs are same and cheap. But on the other hand, you don’t know who will be your roommates. On fortunately I have a luck to get person as roommate from my faculty. We were in same field, spend a lot of time together learning, having fun. It helps us to finish study quickly and easily. My suggestion for you is to live in boarding school if your school is far away from home. You will never be alone, always have a person to listen and help you if you suffer of depression :) Share with me your comments, I'm glad to hear your thoughts.

I have not studied far from my country, so I can 't answer your question. Even in my country university studies are expensive, but, of course, a student, who comes home every day, spends less and has more support from the family.
Having been a few days in London as a tourist, I can understand the students of the interview. They are very nice.

There is no doubt that saving money is very important in our life . I know it is difficult to save your money but should save it . there are a lot of ways to save your money . for example you can watch films at home instead of going to cinema . also you can make your own food in your house instead of eating from restaurants . on the other hand some people call to a cleaning company to clean their house or their flat , those people spend their money in thing they can do it ( they waste their money ) . whereas other people clean their house or their flat by themselves ( they save money ) .

And in my opinion I think people should not waste their money and they should not save a lot of money . They should be in the middle between wasting and saving .

No, I haven't because the university I studied at is fortunately in my hometown and I didn't move out from my parents. So, I didn't have to worry about any accommodation or food. And also study materials weren't so expensive. But most of my money was spent for getting to and from university or transportation in another word. By transportation, I mean university-bus. (Yes, I know, it's kind of funny to take that kind of bus with that age, but what can I do? It was the only option we had at that time.) My social life was also not so interesting. I spent most of my free time by watching movies or reading books.
I can't give any tip for earning extra money because I didn't have any sideline beside my student work. But I think the best way to save your money is not to go to places where you have to pay. You can take a picnic with your friends in a park in the nice weather. If the weather is bad, then have a nice dinner with your roommates at your place.

Your situation are perfect! But I think you should go out, because the outside life have the difficult, you will learn ways to existing. It is challenge of you. The study can also earn money by the scholarship. Happy holiday and new year.

i like listening so much

When I studied in the university bought fruit and a bottle of water instead of meal or soda. It is cheaper in Perú.

Yep, I had the similar problem and my way for solving this problem was to get job. Of course I should choose only that one that could be combined with studying at university. But this is possible. This way left me much less time for leisure activity but gave more opportunities.

The best approach in my opinion is to forget about norms of a standard everyday life & focus on what matters, what would be decisive in your future. The thing is you've gotten involved in this situation of your own free will since you're considering your life in the long term. As a matter of fact no pain no gain. For the time being it might be a good encouragement just think what it would be like if you did not have the ability to move away for studying in the first place (like many enthusiastic people longing to study in developed countries who have been prevented to by rules & regulations of their desired distinctions). So stop nagging and mind how to get most out of all these difficulties you are going through.

Hii my name is Nana from Armenia ,I enjoy this site mostly, it helps me a lot. Many thanks for your support !