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Do these exercises and learn words to talk about things in a restaurant.

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Submitted by DzhusAngela on Mon, 22/01/2024 - 07:46


I sometimes go to the restaurant.Usually I think once of month.I love Chinese,Giorgian and Italian food.

Submitted by chuongvu137 on Tue, 09/01/2024 - 13:39


I live in Vietnam, sometimes I eat out, my favourite restaurant is Gogi house.

Submitted by Safe_Mode on Sun, 27/08/2023 - 10:03


I don't often go to restaurants, now, because thise is, already, the past stage in my life. I don't think it's very interesting, everything I could eat I've, already, ate, everything, I could drink, I've, already, drank. Sometimes, I go there, though. I choose authentic restaurants with unusual environment and I like restaurants with kicker table. When it's warm I prepare restaurants with veranda

Submitted by hongthequang on Wed, 26/07/2023 - 08:04


I sometimes go to restaurants. I like to go to seafood restaurant with my family.

Submitted by Ro Htan on Fri, 21/07/2023 - 16:08


I rarely go to restaurants but I'd love to. Even if I go there, I might go to the Italian restaurant whose foods are delicious and mouth-watering all the time for me. I love it, especially since I lost my appetite.

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Submitted by Esmat on Sat, 10/12/2022 - 09:35


I use to go to the restaurants in holidays or some times after shopping with my family just to change routine and to have wonderful dining experience.
Like to have traditional dishes from countries and geographical area from Turkish to Latin America and Asian causine.

Submitted by Eman Samir on Mon, 14/11/2022 - 11:53


Yes. I like Italian restaurants.

Submitted by Samara Piana on Tue, 18/10/2022 - 15:45


I don't go as much as I wish to go because it is expensive. I might go once a week. I love meeting new places, and different cuisine. At the moment, my favorite is a typical Brazilian restaurant in my city where I can have fresh and healthy food. Their meals are always hot and tasty!

Submitted by ptngiau on Tue, 30/08/2022 - 04:29


I just go to restaurants when someone invites me to their party. Almost all restaurants make delicious foods so I like them all.

Submitted by nadyanightingale on Mon, 21/03/2022 - 19:37


I'm not going very often to restaurants. I like restaurants with vegetarian food because I haven't been eating meat and fish for almost six years. I definitely like restaurants with a rich menu for children. And also when the food especially for children is made from fresh products.