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Submitted by Arcade_Murenzi on Thu, 20/04/2023 - 08:32


Yes, my first travel by air was 12 hours. I was from Rwanda to Thailand. I can say that it was not enjoyable travel. Traveling to Thailand for people from Africa it's mandatory to have yellow fever vaccination. When I was about to transfer to another flight at Nairobi airport I realized that I lost my yellow fever vaccination card. From that time I was stressed thinking that I was going to be returned back once reach the destination. Fortunately I had not been returned back, instead I had been vaccinated again. My journey ended well, but not sure if it was healthy having two vaccination in two weeks.

Submitted by beingmohism on Wed, 19/04/2023 - 14:56


I’d experience it in my early 12 traveling to Saudi Arabia alongside with my dad…it’s really amazing and unforgettable to me !

Submitted by victguevara on Sun, 16/04/2023 - 16:12


So excited for reading about the different experiences of everyone. I have traveled by air for tourism or business.
The first time I traveled by air was when I needed to come back from an island to my hometown. I could say that fortunately the plane has trouble with its batteries and they moved all the passengers to a bigger plane.
By the way, come back to the main topic of this post, my longest travel by air was when I went from Caracas to Pekin, China for training, it was last 19 hours with a scale in Frankfort. This also was the first time I was on board the biggest passenger airplane in the World.
Although this journey was quite tiring, I enjoyed it a lot. I wish I would have extended my time there to join more with this interesting culture.

Submitted by joannesuen on Fri, 14/04/2023 - 02:42


Yes, I have travelled to Hainan before, it's took me about six hours.

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Submitted by Sayar-Win on Tue, 11/04/2023 - 09:14


I never haven't but I love travelling.

Submitted by TuanDavid on Wed, 29/03/2023 - 05:01


Hi, I work most of the time in Ho Chi Minh City so Sometimes I travel by airplane. I love this lesson because so friendly and cute. I remember the great time when I use Air Plane. Special two-time visit to Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. I hope connect with some New Friend around The World and can visit more and more.

Submitted by rosecool on Tue, 28/03/2023 - 15:10


i haven't ever traveled by plane

Submitted by nfantasy1004 on Mon, 27/03/2023 - 08:06


I have traveled pretty often by air, since my mother in law leaves in a island within distance of an hour flight. The longest flight I have taken is my trip from Asia to Europe within transfers in Hong Kong and Dubai. The good about the transfer is the chance to stretch legs and visit more cities without paying more for the ticket. I usually travel via budget airlines, the leg space is usually narrow, and the meal is usually not included in the price, but the advantage is that the money saved on flight would came back as form of nice meal and great experience of fun at the destination.