Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


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Hello arjun29542,

The first thing to keep in mind is that words in English can have multiple meanings. Depending on the context, for example, the word 'bank' can be a place where we keep our money, the side of a river or the action of a place when it wants to turn right or left.

As well as this, English has a group of verbs called multi-word verbs which are made up of more than one part. When we use 'back' as a main verb by itself it means 'support'. When it is part of a multi-word verb such as 'take back' there is a different meaning. I'm afraid these just have to be memorised, just as with any items of vocabulary.

You can read more about multi-word verbs on this page and this page.



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Dear Peter,
Thank you for the beautiful explanation. You've provided insightful explanation. I am so happy to find your informative comments. I got that "multi-words" verbs and "single word" verbs are creating confusion within me.

I have a hat that cover my head and my ears on the sunny days. I use it generally in summer.

Hi guys, How are you doing? My baseball cap is special for me, because I bought it in New York. Cheers, JustDoIt95

I had worn a watch and a sunglasses while it was a summer.
Now it is almost winter and I wear other accessories such as: scarf, hat and gloves =)

i am her in mongolia6. now in mongolia have winter season6. i will buy gloves, scarf, and hat because this season is very cold.

We usually wear glasses to help us see better, but sometimes my motivation is different, so I wear them to help me ignore some sight and protect my eye from the sunshine.

I had a necklace for myself, and I'm a man. Manner makes man.

Hi admins,
"My thin necklace chain was broken." I wonder if I should say "broken" or "cut"?
Because of my reckless or my feckless...... (!)

Hello Rafaela1,

We say the chain was broken rather than was cut, unless you used a knife or scissors and did it deliberately!



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