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Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


yes, you are right, you don't waste your time here at all.

Yes absolutely you’re not wasting your time provided that if that app is entirely based on learning

I have a scarf that my nephew give me. I like it so much!!!!

I have special watch that is very dear to me. It is a red color watch.

I consider a bracelet special, which my mom gave me when I was little

Well, I have got a very necessary accessory.
Sometime, I hate it, and I vould like to throw it away...
But, I can't leave it alone. what does is going to do without me ?
It 's my electronic cigarett which is always in my bag, in my pocket, next to my book et my computer..

I have a bracelet which my two younger sisters also own the same design and a black wristwatch my fiance bought for me. They both remind me of people I love so I hold them dear.

Hi! A very good afternoon to all, I have a very special accessory that is my wrist watch.
I got this as a good luck gift from my best friend for my interviews and campuses.
I still wear it whenever I go for any important events.
That is very lucky for me.

I have a laptop, this is a necessary tool for me.
I using the laptop for work and learning

My earrings are special, because my mom used them.