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Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


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Pre-intermediate: A2


I like to decorate my clothes with accessories. I have lot of belts with different colors and design. And i like jewelry. My favorite is a silver bracelet that's i got gift from my grandmother. It reminds me about my happy childhood. And another my favorite jewelry is set of golden earrings and necklace. I bought it myself from Dubai golden market. It reminds me about reach decorated Arabic style.

Rucksack seems to be a specific britsh english word

i am happy to be on this learning class. however, i feel doubtful if the learning here can be helpful to score good marks on my exam day. please is there any guidance on how useful this page can be for my ielts academic test?

Hello sadikamed,

We have a site specifically for IELTS candidates which contains practice materials, mock exams, information about the exam and many tips and suggestions. You can find it here and I'm sure it will be helpful.


Best wishes and good luck!


The LearnEnglish Team

when I went to Venezuela, I bought a pretty bracelet as a souvenir. I still conserve it and I'm thinking about giving it to my sister's birthday

Very good site. Thank you.

Yes. I have a necklace what my mother gave for me on my 20th brithday. I'm very treasure it and I always keep it by my side. I very love my mom.