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Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I always wear a watch, because it's a gift from my friend and it suits me very well

well, for the accessories in our country people use to make nice and attractive bracelet which is hand made ones. it is local make and with local materials some worn in foot also.

I have the sunglasses. I wear them every day. Somethimes in the head. Inusethem in winter and in summer.

The accessory I always carry for going outside is umbrella because it is very useful for me whether the sun is shinning or it's rains.

First of all I also must say thank you for this website, is awesome! I think the best English course, very useful and contained all what we need to learn English. An special accesory are my glasses, Before I used contacts lens those are also special. Another special accesory for me is a racksuck through I can carry all necessary things.

Thanks a lot to British council to help us learn English through your website.

thank you you make learning so awesome

this website is very useful to learn

I always use glasses to help me to see better

Hello! I have a nice bracelet made of leather which I got it from my husband. I always wear this bracelet.