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Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


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Pre-intermediate: A2


My special accessory, if i can say that, is my rucksack. It is a known brand, black and spacious, that's why I use it for uni. It gives me the ability to carry big books, my notebooks, my laptop, other writing stuff and even a bottle of water, umbrella and my mobile phone. It was a gift by my uncle Jim and has made my life easier..

i don't have something like this because i am careless i lose any accessory in a short time that is a talent :)

In 2010 I received a gift: a beautiful and very warm scarf. I have used it for ten years. The material of this scarf is realy good!

Hi, I have a scarf that my mother gave me, so i love and take care of it a lot.


Yes, I have many accessories that I like . Among them, I like my bear doll so much. My first student gave me this one in 2016. This is my first time that someone gave me bear doll. I really like this one and I put it my bed until now and it is my friend and my partner for every moment of my life. I tell all about myself to it whenever I am happy or I am sad.

I have many scarfs in my wardrobe. I always use a watch and watch is a gift from my girlfriend that's the reason valuable for me. I have two glasses protect from the sun and eye health.

I had bought a belt bag when I was going to Vini Vici concert. I needed a small and safe bag because I knew it was so crowd and dynamic. My belt bag is made from jean and its zipper is red. I deem competible the colours. I can wear it with all my cloths.

my special accessory is my bag. I put inside anything i need when i m out

my special accesory is my cap