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Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


and thank you so much for the man who do this websit.

this course was excellent and I learn some new worlds because I am Arabic man

I always bring my rucksack as going out because it is very convenient for carrying things. For example, in winter I usually put my scarf, hat and gloves or even a light jacket in it.

I sometimes were a scarf when it's cold

I Always use cap when I go to school.

I like wear gloves wehn I play football.

I have a cap that protect me from sunlight when i am playing

Today, my hand slipped and flipped my acceccory box over and everything fell on the potted plants. Sadly enough, the scattered jewelries broke the leaves of the plant. Poor, green, metals can easily cut plants.

My favorite accessory is my bracelet, it was a gift from my husband on my birthday

Hello everybody, my favorite accessory is a scarf is a gift from my sister who lives in the Netherlands