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Do the exercises and learn the words for some common actions.


Language level

Beginner: A1


I do all actions above most days, except to cry, to draw, to write... ;)

I listen to the cracking sound of the bonfire when I go to sleep. It makes me relaxed.

I cannot do these actions at the same time.
every day I wake up early, I take a shower, I have breakfast, then I work on a computer, I also study English, I do sports and I have a fun time.

Well, I always keep smiling while I speak or play with others. But, sometimes I prefer to be quite and focused on my motions. For instance, when writing a formal letter or reading some books.

I like listening to music while I`m working. Sometimes in my free time I enjoy drawing. I love writing and reading stories

H, guys
i usually do a lot of things in same time, like listening music when i drove
cleaning up, speaking and listening
the most things i do are reading, listennig typing in keyboard and driving

I like listening to the Quran while I am typing on the keyboard, Most of the days I like to read a book every morning, I usually smile at everyone looking at me. Nowadays, I sleep early about 10 A.M. I love eating chicken. I don't like drawing but my sister likes it. I want to practise English a lot so I speak to myself every morning in English so I improve my speaking skills and thanks.

it was good

I like listening to Quran while I do anything because it makes me relaxed.

this exercises are very good. I have to practise a lot. I' ve started today.