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Do the exercises and learn the words for some common actions.


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Beginner: A1


I can speak and write at the same time, sometimes i can type on a keyboard while i eat a sandwich

I can type and speak at the same time, but it will not be very fast. :) However, if I listen the speed is not very affected. I also run and exercise lately.

I can type so write e-mails or messages through Whatschat, listen to music and look at my son if he is doing his homework. And even touch the mouse to pick up FaceTime call from my husband.

I can cook while I am speaking with my son and listen to music at the same time,
some time ı can not do it. because ı must focus cook. Burning in a cooking oven.
ı can speak when ı look at the around.

i can eat while i'm speaking with my friend and listen to music at the same time
some time i drink my coffee while typing an email or write a letter

this's good for me.Thank you.

the same time? i can eat ice cream and type keyboard,the ShenZhen is so hot

Well, i can do many actions simultaneously, for example, In office as soon as i touch keyboard start typing letter without seeing it while eating slices of apple and having a look at people in front of me, speaking to them with smiling,

this is good .i want to know isn't the vocabulary few for one to learn more about vocab

Hello Salamine,

Our Vocabulary Exercises section is quite new. We've published approximately 20 pages and will continue to publish more over the summer and into the autumn. You can also learn more vocabulary using our Starting Out and other sections.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team