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Do the exercises and learn the words for some common actions.


Language level

Beginner: A1


I can do several things at once. I can listen, look, touch, write, read and smile at the same time.

Smile, listen, see, write, touch,read.
I can do this all together and would like to explain you with an example:
I.e, I'm sitting in a class room, and teacher is teaching a lesson .
So here ,I'm listening her/him.
Smiling as it is interesting topic.
Looking at the black board.
Writing the important points.
Touching the pen with I'm writing .
Reading the topics and points written by my teacher while explaining.

Hope justifiable .

I can do at the same time listen to matter and write it

None!. To be realistic one action follows another consecutively. Other actions that I did in most days includes: washing, relaxing, strolling and so on just to mention few.

Usually, i can speak,write and touch any thing on the same time.

I read, look, and listen at the same time. So, I am a multitasking person.

I read, write and speak nowdays, this is my new hobby. I practice English, French and Russian languages every day.
As usually I sleep and eat.
And I need some more smiling, because i like to smile very much.

I can do defferent things at the same time, for example I can type when i am listening to music or drink.

I can eat while i'm reading or listening to music.and I can type while speaking. Also smiling is an action that we can do while doing alot of other actions.

Other actions i do are doing sports,dancing and watching movies.

I do typing and listening to music at the same time.I do reading,writing and sleeping for the most day.