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Appearance 1

Do the exercises to learn words to describe people's appearance.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I am tall, i have dark hair and brown eyes. My oldest sister is shorter than i.

I am tall and slim, I have dark eyes and long dark hair. My roommate is like me, she is also tall and slim, but hair is short.

I'm tall and beautiful. I've got short dark hair. I've got brown eyes. I'm slim. I'm young. My brother is short and handsome. He is blonde. He's got blue eyes.

I am not too long, not too short, am almost 175 cm. My hair is dark. I have dark brown eyes. I weigh about 75 Kilograms. My sister has 16 years old, and I have 18 years old, so I am older than my sister by about 2 years.

The right is, as i believe
My sister is 16 years old not has, and the same with i am 18 years old not have.
Also we say "I am two years older than my sister"

My name is Juan, I'm really most young than actually, I'm. How old I am? go it twenty-seven years. Let so next, I'm making a lot of sports so I aged but I sense as a teenager because also is a good sample for and looks smart.
Yeah, nice to meet everyone.

Good afternoon,
I'm 38 years old.
I'm not tall but also I'm not short, I have a normal height of 175 CM.
I have dark brown eyes, dark hair and I'm fat.
I have 100KG, I hope to lose this extra weight.
My big brother has light brown eyes and he is tall and slim, he is very handsome.
we are totally different.

I am tall, slim, I am 1.64 tall cm I have brown hair, I am young and beautiful

My mother is an old woman, she is short, dark hair, fat and she is beautiful.

I have long dark hair and green eyes. I am a slim woman.

My sister is older than me, she's tall, beautiful and slim. She has dark hair.