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Appearance 1

Do the exercises to learn words to describe people's appearance.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I'am amany,ayoung woman,27 years old,short and slim
l have adark and short hair
My eye is brown

Hello everybody
My name is Karim.
I am a tall men.
I am 185cm and weighs 70kg.
I have dark hair.
I am not too young and not too old.
My mother is a beautiful woman. My father is older than my mother.
I have my brother is thinner and younger than me.

I'm Sabry Fayed. I'm 50 years old. I'm 180cm tall. I'm slim. My brother is 130kg. He is fat. He is very handsome also. He's not very short and not too tall. He has a dark hair.

Hi guys
I am beautiful young women my name yasmin .
I am short , have blonde and short hair, my eye is brown
my age is 23 years old .. finally , I love me , I am so happy because learn English in this account .. see you

I am young woman
I am 29 years old
I have dark and long hair
I am short and slim. I am in good shape!
My skin is brown
I am twin
I am beautiful! oh yes! I love me!

I am woman, i have 56 old, have 162cm and short, have 70kg and fatter, have eyes and hair dark. I am beatifull

I am an adult. I've a tall and have a short blond (with gray) hair, blue eyes. I am thinner than fat. Some people suppose, that I'am a handsome. But i'm completely agree with previous comments - beauty of the appearance can to deceive, because real beauty is beauty of the soul. Each of us met people who was beautiful or handsome outside, but could be darker inside. And i saw many another examples (i think this is rather a rule), when people have an ugly appearance, but they have kind soul and pure heart. Whit this in mind i suppose we should not making a hasty conclusions about those, who we met on the our life way.

I'm a young tall person with natural blond hair and blue eyes. I like my appearance, but I think the real beauty is in a soul

Hi, I'm Mohamed. 48 years old. I have two brothers, both of them are older and taller than me. My tall is 175cm. I have dark hair, a quite slim body, and I hope to keep an athlete as now when I am old.

Hi, My name is eswar i am 27 years old Quite little bit fat. and my height is 165cm. i am younger than my brother. And i have a dark brown hair.finally i'm good looking handsome guy