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Appearance 1

Do the exercises to learn words to describe people's appearance.


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Pre-intermediate: A2


I've got a question. Why do people say "ginger hair" instead of light brown/orange/ yellow hair? Does "ginger" have a special meaning in referring something?

Hello Rafaela1,

Ginger does not have any special meaning. It's simply another way to say red hair.

Red hair can be dyed or it can be natural, in which case we can also say ginger.




The LearnEnglish Team

Hollow. All members my name is wafia from algeria ,i'm twenty five old ,i have along dark hair and brown eyes, i'm fat

I am a type of fat person in my home country. I have black hair.
My father is thin, he has black hair and he looks handsome.


My name is Martyna. I'm thirteen years old. For my age I am a tall and slim girl. I have short, brown hair and blue eyes. My nose is small. I like wearing dresses and colorful blouses. I always wear my black glasses. I don't like the new fashion with protective masks.
I love my sister. She is wonderful. Her name is Ania. She is twenty two years old. She also is slim and tall. She has long dark hair and green eyes. She wears glasses too.

My appearance: I am a student and quite tall, quite fat. I have a smooth dark hair with olive skinned. I have small eyes but I always proud of my bright smile ><
My mother's Appearance: I pretty look like my mom. She is also quite fat that is the reason she always complain about her appearance (lol). For me, I see She really really beautiful and nice. Her face has a lot of wrinkles but when smiling, she gives a nice one. Her hair has black color like me, and so soft and smooth, and she has a white skin. She is so basic with normal clothes but I love her so so much

I am a tall, dark hair and a beautiful girl. My sister is tall, long hair compared to me.


I am short, slim and freckled, I have dark curly hair, dark eyes, i am 28 years old, I'm older than my sister, she is beautiful, tall and thin, her hair is darker and longer than mine.

Hi, I'm short, slim and beautiful... I have dark curly hair, dark eyes, I'm 30 years old, I'm older than my sister, she's beautiful, tall and thin, her hair is darker and longer than mine.

I'm a middle age person, like I am 31 years old. I'm neither short or tall, I'm 180cm tall. Due to my genetic (or my stress) I've no more hairs, but at the origin I had dark hair. I like to consider me as handsome person, like everybody should do, I think. I won't talk about my weight because it's not a very attractive point for me, but I don't feel too fat, so that's ok.