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Do these exercises to learn words to talk about your bedroom.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


In my bedroom, there are two single beds one is for me and the other is for my brother. also there is a carpet and on each single bed there is a sheet, one pillow, and a blanket. also, there is a wardrobe and a bedside table

In my room there's a single bed, a bedside table, two lamps and a wardrobe. I sleep with no pillows but i still have one.

I have a single bed. I've got a soft pillow. I've got a thick duvet. I've got a Pc. I've got a brown table. I've got a bookcase. I've got a wardrobe.

I have almost all of these things, I have a double bed, four pillows, a duvet, two bedside tables, three lamps, a wardrobe, and a chest of drawers.

In my bedroom I have a double bed, a beside table, a lamp and a chair. In my bed I have four pillows, a sheet and two blankets.

In my bedroom, I have a double bed, wardrobe, two pillows, bedside table and carpet.

I have two single beds , one bedside table, and a wardrobe
on every single bed, we put a sheet, blanket, duvet, pillow

hi everyone.
My bedroom has everything a studio apartment can have. There is a double bed, wardrobe, TV, sofa etcetera)

My bedroom has a double bed , writing table, wardrobe, chest of drawers and armchair. my bedroom is very beautiful. ı use blanket cold weather. there is
a lamp next to my bed. There is a carpet on my room. My bedroom is the most comfortable room for me.

My bedroom has a double bed, wardrobe, sofa, desk and TV.
There are two pillows on the bed. I like my warm blanket. There is a lamp on the desk.
My alarm clock wakes me up every morning.
All my furniture is white.
which spelling is more correct?
"My bedroom has a double bed..." or "In my bedroom there is a double bed..."