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Body parts 1

Do these exercises to learn words for parts of the body.


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one day after my work i take a car and a few minutes later, the car has an accident and i broke my arm and leg, i'have passed one month in hospital, and after that i'm afraid of car.

I broken my left foot. I was 12 years.

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once had I broke my leg's knee they very injured felt blood was showing mass and had too much pain. and never broke my arm.

I have broken my left leg, when I was twenty years. It's not a good experience.

Where's a picture card of a tongue??
It's important to check our health.  

Luckily I had never broke neither an arm nor a leg in my life, so I feel fortunate.

I like skiing and snowboarding, but I have never broken any parts of my body, although many times I fell down. Also, I often cut deeply my arms and feet when I was a child.

I broken my arm left

Hello again Guys,

I Injured my arm,When I was a six years old. It was so scaryed.But I am okay. I am very healtly.

Have a nice Day