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Body parts 1

Do these exercises to learn words for parts of the body.


Language level

Beginner: A1


my foots wanted to broke several times but they never break.

Yes, When I was age 15 my arm got broken. It was a accident while playing with my brother. He jumped on top of my arm, when I was laying on the bed.

I have never broken anything.

Yes,I have broken my leg in 2012.

when I'm a young . I most like football . A once,when I'm playing football with my classmate . I can't control my speed when I'm running . I fall and roll down on a grass ground . My wrist was sprain . I stop play football 3 or 4 months . So,Please takecare our body when plays any of each games.

Fortunately, I never broke my legs or arms.

Have you ever broken your arm or leg? What happened?
Always I take care about my body then, never I haven´t broken arm or leg.

my right arm was broken one time in the past.
When i play footbal with my colleague, i fall and my arm react to the ground. The X-RAY result show that it was broken. it takes one and half of month to recover.

I had never broken neither my arms neither my legs, but, seven years ago, I bumped my right foot on the pavement and it was put in a cast for one month.

Yes , I had my leg broken when I was a child , I was crossing the street and a motorcycle hit me . I was only ten years old , it was on sunday morning and I´ve never ever forgotten this day and a spent over 1 week inmate at the hospital and over 2 month with my leg plastered.