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Body parts 1

Do these exercises to learn words for parts of the body.


Language level

Beginner: A1


When I was child I have broken my hand. I have falled down from the tree.

No, I have not. I have never broken my arm or good. I'm happy for this.

when i had five years old, i broke my arm playing soccer and when i had seven years old, I fell from a wall and I broke my leg.

I have never broken my arms and legs.

No l havent

Fortunately, I have never been broken my arm or leg, but ten years ago, I had a sprain. It was so diseased and inconvenient. I think the leg or arm broken is harder than sprain.


I had an accident 4 years ago. It was not broken my leg but i had a operation on it. It was the first time i lied on operating-table. I was a bit scared and shy. The accident cause from i took a wardrobe immediately.


I am ill my throat