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Body parts 1

Do these exercises to learn words for parts of the body.


Language level

Beginner: A1


No, I never broke any part of my body.

No, thank God, it never happened to me

no i havent broken my leg or arm. İ am lucky.

Yes,i have broken my arm

Yes ,when i was child i broke my left leg by playing football, And then in adult i broke my arms by driving motorcycle .It was very painful memories .some days i could not walk when my leg was broken.
i did not do anything when my left arm was broken

No, i haven't. Thanks for god

No,i haven't.In ny childhood,my mother's friend made me laugh,i want to run away from
her,but i lose my balance,the head hit the step.

haha ...when I was a kid ..I fell on ice and I broke my elbow

yes , my arm was broken from 5 years ago , and i put it in medical plaster for 3 weeks and i make a natural therapy for 6 sessions , and from 6 month when i run suddenly my knee heart me and after MRI the doctor side its a Torn knee ligament rupture and i need to take a rest and go for a natural therapy

I had broken my figer when i was 14. i was fallen whit my scooter