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Body parts 1

Do these exercises to learn words for parts of the body.


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Beginner: A1


hello everybody
5 years a go i was in the river in the countryside, i was swimming without
warming up, then I had a dislocation of the shoulder

hi dear, how are you , i saw your comment , i hope now you will be okay, i am dinesh sharma from india, i am new here , can we become friends for english learning

when I was a child my left leg has been broken, I have fallen when I was play football

No, I haven't broken my arms or legs.

I have never neither broke one of my arms or legs, but I have one finger on my left hand broken for life and I have like a soft pain on the top of my right back. Except these past pains, all is ok for me.

I have never broken any part of my body, but ones in a time, during our religious festival, i went to my Aunt's home, my cousin was cooking Biryani ( our traditional dish) . She have picked the pot of hot oil, suddenly her hands was shaked, and the hot oil fell into my arm. Many year have passed but that mark is still exist on my arm.

No, i haven't, never broken ant part of My body. Only i've had cut and scrapes on my arms and legs.

I haven't broken my arm or leg but once my waist burned.
in one day, hot milk on my waist pour strew

No, I've never broken any part of my body. But I have suffered a bone deep cut on my left foot. I had to get stitches. My WC tank got bad so I took of the cover to fix it, I'm handy with domestic repairs. Unfortunately the cover slipped my finger when I went to replace it and a broken piece cut me.

No, I haven't. Nothing like such. Thanks.